Chef Giorgio Barone, who temporarily left his restaurant in Sardinia to work with the Portuguese champion, told the Sunday Mirror some of Cristiano’s secrets

If there is one thing he will surely miss about Italy it is the cuisine. Restaurants, no doubt, but also the chef who in the years of Turin was a precious ally for him. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo likes to eat healthy – woe to talk to him about sandwiches, chips and cola – but above all he likes to eat well. And then the chef Giorgio Barone, who temporarily left his restaurant in Sardinia to work with the Portuguese champion (as with others in the past), told the Sunday Mirror some of Cristiano’s secrets: “You must take care of your body as if it were a Ferrari”, one of the mantras of the Portuguese.

WHAT IS THE DIET OF CR7 – In Cristiano’s diet, according to Barone, there aren’t who knows what expensive foods (he could afford everything) but “healthy, organic and natural foods: fish, chicken, beef, eggs, avocado and black rice ”. In Ronaldo’s daily life there is no shortage of vegetables, salads, seafood, proteins, most of which come from fish. The great secret of Barone, the chef reveals, is coconut oil, a satiating ingredient that strengthens the immune system, promotes digestion, improves cholesterol levels and helps burn abdominal fat. “I cook with coconut oil. It is also important to drink plenty of water, but purified. And do it often “.

THE REST OF THE CHAMPION – Barone, in addition to Cristiano, has also worked with Aquilani e Boateng in Spain and Germany but with Cristiano he established a strong bond. Also thanks to the relationship with Georgina and the children who, like the Portuguese champion, follow a healthy and correct diet: “The nutritional plan is combined with a strong workout, but rest is essential, even in the afternoon. Then in the evening you have to eat early, not too late. Ronaldo does all this and besides being a champion he is a great teammate and a great father ”. That every now and then, but only every now and then, also gives in to the requests of the children and gives him an extra whim. But woe to exaggerate.

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