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Video: Cristiano Ronaldo style: great goal from a free kick. Photo: Getty Images

The Manchester United defeated 3-2 the Norwich City thanks to a Hat-Trick from Cristiano Ronaldo, who with this confirms why he is still a star and a benchmark for the next World Cup to be held in Qatar. The Portuguese striker had a feast by scoring in the 7th, 32nd and 76th minutes of the match. The last entry was a real goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores Hat-Trick in victory for Manchester United

Although the goalkeeper Timothy Krul grazed the ball, the force that gave it Cristiano Ronaldo the shot ended up being enough to embed itself inside the nets and thereby seal the victory of the Red Devilswho pay dearly, by despising the last place in the Premier League.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo he had not scored from outside the area since June 2020 and with this he adds his Hat-Trick number 50 at club level. Also, he becomes the first player over the age of 36 to score 15 or more goals in a season of Premier.

Cristiano Ronaldo and the players with Hat-Trick

  • Roberto Lewandowski – 30

the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo saved the man again Manchester United eager for points, after scoring the winning goal with a powerful shot from his right leg, which shook all the fans gathered in the stadium Old Trafford.

Early, Cristiano Ronaldo had scored in the seventh minute with the assistance of The sun and then scored the second goal from a pass from Such, after four games without being able to score. Everything was shaping up for a quiet victory for the Red Devils.

Nevertheless, Norwich City he recovered when Kieran Dowell he cut with a header almost at the end of the first part; later, in the second half Theme Pukki equalized at minute 52, receiving a great pass from Dowell.

With this result, Manchester United ranks fifth in the Premier Leaguewhere Manchester City is a leader along with Liverpoolboth with 31 points.

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