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Due to the fame of Cristiano Ronaldo and your partner, Georgina Rodríguez, it is difficult that together with his family they have a moment of tranquility. Where they go is full of fans driven crazy by a photo or an autograph, it doesn’t matter if they even have to swim in the middle of the sea.

To show the video that the model herself published in recent days, where several people are seen lurking in the middle of the waters of the french riviera where they tried to relax.

Around 20 fans realized that they were near the yacht where CR7 and Georgina rested and They abandoned their boats to approach to sing and shout at the Juventus crack.

Ronaldo trying to give himself a few moments of tranquility after being Champion of Italy with the old and before returning to report to the club to prepare for the return match of the Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League before him Lyon, series in which they go down 0-1.


Speaking specifically of the boat in which Cristiano and his family were sailing, the media in Italy published the last few hours that it is a ‘gift’ that a footballer gave himself and that is valued in 5.6 million Euros.

It has 3 suites and one more of glass, with direct view to the depths of the sea, games room, spa, 7 bathrooms and endless more amenities.