The measure has yet to be approved by the Council of Ministers, but the plan is the creation, by the government of António Costa, of a grant with 18,660 houses for affordable rental. The diploma is still being worked on, but the provisional list of properties to be transformed into affordable housing includes vacant palaces, houses, land, farms, apartments, apartment blocks and old convents. But it also includes the building of the old Afonso Domingues Secondary School, in Lisbon, as well as the building of the old pediatric hospital in Coimbra, advances the newspaper “Público”.

Even though the diploma is being aligned to be presented at the new Council of Ministers meeting, where it may be voted on this week, it is known that the objective is to respond to the lack of affordable housing and the growing crisis of the construction sector – which suffered a considerable impact due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country.

It is therefore expected that the government will instruct the Institute for Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) to “constitute the referred stock of vacant or available properties” in order to “increase the supply of housing with public support to be made available in the terms of the Accessible Leasing Program “, advances the same newspaper that had access to the diploma.

The elaboration of this diploma promises to comply with what was the proposed plan to respond to the impact of the new coronavirus in the country. Rigorously, the creation of “a public housing stock of affordable housing” was one of the measures presented and included in the Economic and Social Stabilization.

In that same document, the government said that, in the first place, it was necessary to “identify the public properties available” and “assess their suitability” as family housing.

In the new diploma, the state’s direct investment in this measure is around 1,700 million euros. To this value, there are still more about 600 million euros that can be assumed by other entities and even municipalities.

A first estimate, therefore, points to an investment of around 2,376 million euros, the same newspaper said.