[{“src”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/pictures/2021/11/23/2676095.jpeg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”La modelo que se casu00f3 con ella misma, se divorcia tres meses despuu00e9s”,”thumb”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/styles/image400x300/public/pictures/2021/11/23/2676095.jpeg”}},{“src”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/pictures/2021/11/23/2676101.jpeg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”La modelo que se casu00f3 con ella misma, se divorcia tres meses despuu00e9s”,”thumb”:”https://cdn2.excelsior.com.mx/media/styles/image400x300/public/pictures/2021/11/23/2676101.jpeg”}}]

Brazilian model Cris Galera fights to be the most talked about on the internet, and look if not: first, it was her dream of having the best anatomical profile on Instagram, shortly after the announcement of her wedding with herself … and 90 more days late, their divorce.

What led Cris Galera to such determination?

According to his social media posts, because he met someone else.

His strategy of massification on the internet, however, had not been successful, because despite sharing daring images, he barely reached 185 thousand followers on Instagram.

In September, the model and influencer Cris Galera shared the emotional moment on Instagram: “I am celebrating my self-love and I want to inspire other women to exalt their self-esteem,” she wrote in her post.

What yes, the news of his divorce is a bomb: it is enough to decide to marry oneself that three months later you give up on the idea, so the world’s media have taken up his case.

It was in the middle of last September, when Cris Galera announced that she would begin to live ‘self-love’ as a new model of coexistence. He shared photographs dressed as a wedding assuring that from that moment he would practice ‘sologamia’, but failed.

However, three months later, she divorces herself.

What there is to read.

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