Drafting. The hospital ship San Raffaele that sails through remote towns in the Colombian Pacific to carry medical assistance, fMembers of this medical mission were the object of theft of medical equipment and robbed some of its parts.

According to Diego Posso, director of the Barco Hospital Foundation, this event happened on Saturday, July 25 at night, when armed individuals arrived at the boat at the Buenaventura dock and stole medical equipment.

The two guards who were guarding the ship were reduced and the criminals took all the medical equipment with them, as well as computers and the engines of the ambulance boats.

This medical mission was preparing to set sail again for a humanitarian mission in the Pacific, but is now inoperative.

One of the guards was wounded when the criminals hit him in the head.

The theft occurred while preparing to leave this coming August 15 towards a Guapí in the department of Cauca.