TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The American Congressman W. Gregory Steube sent a letter to the head of the US Department, Antony Blink, where he points out the alleged dark antecedents of Yanni Rosenthal, for which he warned that it is not convenient for him to become the president of Honduras.

The Republican congressman asked the US government to stand firm against corruption and through his Twitter account shared his position regarding the candidacy of Rosenthal. “Yani Benjamin Rosenthal Hidalgo, convicted criminal and money launderer, is trying to become president of Honduras after being released from a US federal prison,” he wrote alongside the letter sent on August 24.

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The document raises a corruption crisis that could worsen in the event that the Liberal Party candidate wins the presidency, as well as concerns about the president’s re-entry into public life. “Rosenthal is trying to become the next president of Honduras, who is scheduled to hold elections in November 2021. Rosenthal hails from one of the most notorious countries and powerful families, and he and his business interests have a long history of criminal activity.” , mentions the text.

In addition, Steube requested that the State Department keep Yanni Rosenthal on the list of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (I DO IT for its acronym in English).

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‘In Honduras we choose Hondurans’

Given the various criticisms generated against him, Yanni Rosenthal decided to pronounce on the subject, clarifying several points about the letter issued by the congressman W. Gregory Steube, about which he said they were false accusations.

“To Congressman Gregory Steube and to the people of Honduras I clarify the following: first, the American justice system like that of Honduras is based on serving a sentence and social reintegration, I paid for my mistake, I was a victim of corruption and more than anyone knows the risks of it, all people have the right to reputation and who pays their penalty is a free and unblemished person as Pope Francis says, “he said.

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He also reminded the congressman that a judge from his country was the one who ordered that all charges against him for money laundering be dropped. “I invite you to stop with the defamation, which does so much damage to our society,” he said.

Regarding illegal migration, the president agreed with Steube, although it revealed that they differ in how to approach it. “For you, migrants are a threat, for me they are brothers to whom my country has not been able to respond,” he said.

The video of Yanni Rosenthal It culminated with a clear and forceful message: “I don’t want more migration either, but I’m not going to close borders. I am going to rebuild Honduras with a change of the people and finally, in Honduras we elect the Hondurans, “he concluded.

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Pleaded guilty

On July 26, 2017, Yani Rosenthal pleaded guilty in a court to the Southern District of New York, United States.

According to the ruling, the Honduran had to pay $ 500,000 as compensation to the United States government for the cost of the trial in the Federal Court of the Southern District of New York.

Also, pay 2.5 million dollars (about 57 million lempiras) for the fine established by the judges.

The Prosecutor’s Office explained that Rosenthal’s money laundering conduct involved a trade-based scheme, in which “Los Cachiro” used a front company to buy cattle with drug proceeds at auctions in Honduras.

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Yani Rosenthal Hidalgo He was born in San Pedro Sula on July 16, 1965. His parents are the banker and politician Jaime Rosenthal Oliva and Miriam Marina Hidalgo de Rosenthal.

Rosenthal He studied high school at the Sampedrana International bilingual school.

He is a lawyer graduated from the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) and has a master’s degree in business administration, obtained from the Central American Institute of Business Administration (Incae).

In 1998, the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras granted him the title of notary public.

Back to the country

Honduran businessman Yani Rosenthal Hidalgo returned to the country on Friday, August 7, 2020 after serving a three-year sentence in a jail in Miami, United States.

The businessman arrived at the Ramón Villeda Morales airport in San Pedro Sula on a private flight. Once he set foot in the air terminal, he was received by a multitude of liberals, who -despite the restrictions caused by the covid-19- came to welcome him, subsequently confirmed his aspiration to become the next president of the country, a process in which he will compete with 14 other candidates.

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