Crime of the Argentine student in Kansas: they will investigate a key device found at the scene

Camila Behrensen was 24 years old.

Journalist Ernesto Behrensen, father of Camila, the young student and scientist who was murdered in her downtown Kansas City apartment, where he did a postdoctoral fellowship at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, will begin his journey to the United States to recover his daughter’s body, sources close to the journalist confirm. There you will receive guidance from the local consulate. The Buenos Aires government worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a visa to the United States and secure the trip.

Meantime, the investigation by the Kansas City Police Department proceed with firm measures.

Behrensen was killed along with her fellow student Pablo Guzmán Palma, also found at the scene after a fire in an apartment, after a neighbor notified firefighters last Saturday morning of the flames in the unit, located in a complex on the street All 4100 Oak Street. An initial analysis of the bodies revealed that they had injuries inconsistent with the fire.

Now a newspaper article Kansas City Star reveal it The judge in the case approved the voice recordings from the Alexa device, manufactured by Amazon and activated by voice, which was found at the scene. It is suspected that conversations between the victims and the perpetrator may be stored there. Based on evidence at the scene, detectives suspect that the killer “spent considerable time at the scene”.

On the other hand, the request of the investigators to neighbors continues so that they provide the file with any material that allows the suspects to be identifiedsuch as footage from home security cameras or testimonials.

Camila Behrensen (24) loved to run
Camila Behrensen (24) loved to run

The Stowers Institute, where the victims studied, issued a statement on Monday: “We are devastate for the tragic death of these students. These researchers were members of our Class of 2020 and energetic members of our Stowers Institute community. Our deepest condolences go out to their families at this difficult time.”they expressed.

Camila Behrensen he had a Bachelor of Science from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) and spent two years studying metabolic changes in the fruit fly. This research allowed her to co-author an article published in Scientific reports. They also explained that the victim “dreamed of getting his postdoctoral degree and lead a research team forming their own laboratory”.

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In Camila’s profile that appears on the Stowers Institute page, they report that “I could thank Isaac Asimov for his love of science”. And they say that, growing up, this was “their favorite author, partly because of how he could explain complicated concepts in a way that everyone could understand.”

Camila Behrensen and Pablo Guzmán Palma (Stowers Institute for Medical Research)
Camila Behrensen and Pablo Guzmán Palma (Stowers Institute for Medical Research)

Meanwhile, they highlighted this from the Stowers Institute Guzmán Palma He received his bachelor’s degree in Science and postgraduate degree in Biochemistry from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile: “His first research project focused on spinal cord regeneration. His ambition was to continue his studies and focus on how cells interpret and integrate various types of signals during development and possibly start his own laboratory after completing his Ph.D.

In the profile of the victim that appears on the portal of the University of Kansas, it is read that Guzmán Palma “thought he wanted to be an astronomer, until he learned to use a microscope in high school, where looking at specimens collected from the garden changed the trajectory of his life“.

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