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The pirates of the web never sleep, which is why we must pay more and more attention to how we move in the maze of the Internet in order not to fall into the traps of these impostors by being screwed. Emotet is one of them: a ‘botnet’ network, that is, made up of zombie computers that unknowingly collaborate to spread malware within your devices.

So the Russian antiviruses are already spying on the Italians: Putin's hands on our data

Whenever cybersecurity manages to find malware, electronic security companies update their antivirus to recognize and block them. However, with each update of the malware, there is also bad news for web users because the dangers increase. Proofpoint Threat Insights has in fact made known in recent days a worrying discovery: Emotet is able to attack Chrome and enter his safe where he keeps the data of the credit cards of users.

This simple text message is enough and your current account will be emptied: the last terrible frontier of the scam

Whenever a user makes purchases online with Chrome, their data is automatically saved, so much so that the next time they are purchased they are already available. Even if Chrome saves them in encrypted form, the virus is able to steal them anyway. This new form of piracy has alarmed the whole web as Emotet, thanks to this new one, is able to obtain both sensitive user data and credit card data. It will therefore be necessary to pay even more attention when deciding to shop online so as not to risk falling victim to these impostors.

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