Creativity to be successful: these 4 exercises can help us develop new ideas

According to several experts, creativity is the ability to develop a new idea about something that has not been thought of before, the result of which is original and useful or successful. “In this sense, mental agility plays an important role in the creative process”tells Infobae the graduate Agostina Galiani, Member of the Department of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Rehabilitation at INECO.

We understand by mental agility the ability to quickly and efficiently execute tasks of an intellectual nature. However, not only this is important, but also the way in which we make decisions.

“Our brain takes two paths when it comes to solving problems.and both are necessary to develop creativity: one of them is a deliberate path, which requires critical thinking, conscious and analyzed decisions; the other is a spontaneous, automatic path, which is based on instinctive reactions and less conscious decisions”explains the expert.

Exclusively for infobae, Ineco devised a series of exercises to cultivate well-being from neuroscience. Today, the first chapter of creativity.

Exercise 1: pity, baby, lie, take, grandson, etc.

Exercise 2: A-F-G-H-K-N-Q-T-S-R-P-O-M-L-J-I-B-C-D-E-A

Exercise 3: What is the relationship between Franco and Laura? Great-grandmother-great-grandson What is the relationship between Franco and Ana? Grandmother-Grandson What is the relationship between Ana and Paula? Mother-Daughter What is the relationship between Laura and Clara? Grandmother-Granddaughter

Exercise 4:

Stream – Stream

House hunting

Baya – Vaya

Put – Vote

Had – Tube


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