Crazy lust.. A Bahraini bride could not resist herself on the wedding night and when her husband slept with her, she got excited and made a crude move that made the groom lose his most precious possession!! (crazy details)

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Like any young man, this Bahraini young man dreamed that his wedding would be distinct from everyone, and that his first meeting with his wife would be special as well, but those wishes turned into a mirage, and on the night of the wedding he almost lost his most precious possession, and ended up in the hospital.

In the details of the incident, which were published by the online newspaper Al-Ayyam 24, a Bahraini bride seriously injured her groom on the wedding night, after which he was taken to the hospital.

The ambulance moved from the husband’s house to a famous medical center, and after examining a blood and urine sample, as well as x-raying his penis, it was found that his penis had been broken and swollen as a result of the bride’s “excessive orgasm”.

The tests proved that the groom’s penis had been broken after rupturing the wall of one of the cylinders responsible for the erection process, while the bride explained that she heard a crackling sound and noticed a swelling in her husband’s penis.

And the doctor said: “Sometimes some try to crack the penis while it is erect, or tamper with it, resulting in the rupture of the membrane that covers it, and everyone knows that the penis while it is erect is very sensitive to any shock.

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