CRITICAL. She’s coming … The second season of The Umbrella Academy arrives this Friday, July 31 on Netflix! But what is the sequel to what was one of the series events of last year? Télé-Loisirs has seen the first episodes of the new season and can already say (without real surprise) that it is still as good!

In February 2019, Netflix added in its catalog, yet another series centered on “superheroes”, itself adapted from American comic books: The Umbrella Academy ! Quickly, the fiction that counts in its cast Ellen Page, Tom Hopper or Robert Sheehan has established itself as one of the most viewed programs on the platform. This Friday, July 31, season 2 arrives to the delight of many fans, who like us awaited this sequel with great impatience. TV-Leisure was able to watch the first five of 10 new episodes in this new season. So excitement or disappointment? Our review can be found below and it is guaranteed to be spoiler-free! Do not be afraid !

A muscular season 2 without downtime!

After causing the Apocalypse, detonating the Moon and causing the destruction of the Earth, the Hargreeves children (Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number Five, Ben and Vanya) mysteriously disappeared … all teleported thanks to the power of Five. Where did they fly to? Nobody knew it … until the first minutes of the first episode of season 2! You will understand, the action picks up exactly where it left us. And it was in the early 1960s, near Dallas, Texas, that members of this dysfunctional family were sent. Separated from each other and scattered through the first years of this decade, all then set out to lead their own lives, far from their family obligations. Arrived in February 1960, Klaus created with the help of Ben, a sect in his image. Luther arrived in 1962 and became a bodyguard for a dark mafia. While Vanya lands in October 1963, with no memory and becomes the nanny of a little boy with autism on a farm. But as he disembarked on November 22, 1965 in Dallas, Five immediately noticed that the course of time had changed and that he and his siblings had once again provoked the Apocalysp. Will they finally succeed in saving planet Earth?

Nothing new under the sun in terms of the stakes of this season 2 will you tell us! Yes, but here the showrunneur Steve Blackman totally listened to the criticisms of the first season to rectify it! Because from the first minutes season 2 of The Umbrella Academy will not give you any respite. The action has been skilfully refocused and thus offers more leeway to the various main actors who forcefully and eagerly evolve the story of their respective characters. The viewer’s empathy for these anti-heroes is then increased tenfold!

A dive into the past that enchants our senses!

Atmosphere, sets or even costumes, this season 2 of The Umbrella Academy beautifully explores the first years of a decade that has everything to fascinate. And once again, the ultra efficient soundtrack (Twistin’ The Night Away by Sam Cooke, Unwind Yourself de Marva Withney, Love is Blue by Marty Robbins) will certainly make you want to shake your pelvis, or pull out the Shazam application on your smartphone to listen to these songs again later. Like the title I Think We’re Alone Now from singer Tiffany, who illustrated the iconic dance scene from the first season. If obviously new characters have joined the ranks of this sequel (such as the enigmatic Lila played by the formidable Ritu Arya), it is towards those who we imagined disappeared that all the attention will be paid. Prepare to discover the secret history of the protagonists who led to the creation of theUmbrella Academy. Believe us, Sir Reginald Hargreeves still hides many secrets …

Themes oh so modern and subtly brought

Finally, it is also with the dynamics that it addresses that this season 2 is interesting! In this sense, the actress Emmy Raver-Lampman poses, with the character she plays Allison Hargreeves, the questions linked to racism and racial segregation which at the beginning of the 60’s always came to separate populations according to their skin color. Obviously, this echoes terribly with what is still happening today in the United States, but also at home. And the fight of actress Ellen Page for the visibility of LGBTQ + people on the screen seems to bear fruit, as the series offers her a greater and new space of freedom, compared to the first episodes.

You will understand, if the first season laid the foundations for the universe imagined by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, season 2, it really exploits its full potential! Crazier, more fun, funnier, freer and more emotional, this season 2 ofUmbrella Academy is a total success that will give fans of the genre real and intense satisfaction!