The image is crisp: Alain Delon is seated, his grandson Lino on his knees, and he seems to be trying to capture his attention by removing his Ray-Bans from his eyes. This is one of the two photos that Anouchka Delon, the actor’s daughter, posted Sunday, October 10 on her Instagram account, specifying that they were taken in Switzerland. The young thirty-something, who lives in Geneva, captioned: “Tea time at Opa.”

“Opa” is Alain Delon. A nickname that the latter has since the birth of his first grandchildren, his son Anthony Delon had one day revealed. There is no exception for her 20 month old grandson.

In the second shot, we see the sacred monster of cinema at the table, his stepson Julien Dereims in front of him giving Lino his snack. Alain Delon smiles looking at the lens.

The subscribers of Anouchka Delon were delighted, noting in particular that there is “so much love between the grandson and his grandfather” and that “it shows in his eyes that he is happy”.

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