Coyol Free Zone projects in 2021 boosted the health and well-being of people from Alajuela

Alajuela, Dec 23 ( –The waste materials that were generated from the different constructions that the free trade zone has made for its companies, today bring health and well-being to the children of different communities in Alajuela.

This park specialized in Life Sciences allocates construction waste to an authorized manager for its co-processing and the money generated is used for donations to meet the infrastructure or health security needs of educational centers.

In total, the money that the free trade zone allocated for donations for this purpose amounts to ¢ 3,606,300, of which ¢ 1,606,300 correspond to waste money that allowed the Pacto del Jocote School to purchase thermometers, dispensers and cleaning products, which guaranteed health safety in face-to-face classes, during 2021 to more than 1000 students.

The remaining ¢ 2,000,000 were donated by the free zone to the Julio Peña de Grecia School, for the purchase of construction materials that allowed the repair of the sewers and parking of the school, which improved the safety of more than 200 students of the school.

“We are very satisfied with the result of our donations, which allowed to improve the condition of the schools where 1,232 people attend daily, including students, administrative staff and teachers. The boom in construction projects in the park allowed us to give back to the community a benefit that we know is expanded when we positively impact the education of our children in Alajuela, “concluded Carlos Wong, General Manager of Coyol Free Zone.

In addition to this donation, the park provided a non-invasive monitor and a pulse oximeter with their respective implements to the Hemato-Oncology section of the National Children’s Hospital, for care of childhood cancer, through the Association Against Childhood Cancer (ALCCI) that watches over approximately 350 minors.

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The social contribution of Coyol Free Zone during this year 2021 also allowed it to support two initiatives of the San Rafael de Alajuela Hospital, one of them was the placement of screens in the dining room that is used by 1,700 officials of the medical center to protect them against COVID 19 , during their feeding times.

The other initiative consisted of a sponsorship for the celebration of the Together Walk Against Colon Cancer for the benefit of the patients of the Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy Service of the medical center. In total, donations to schools and medical centers amounted to ¢ 11,300,000.



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