Covid Veneto 11 January 2022, today 21,504 cases and 29 deaths. Zaia: “We go orange”

Venice, 11 January 2022 – The peak of infections of this fourth wave, Veneto could record record numbers around January 20. Trend confirmed by the worrying explosion of cases recorded in the last 24 hours: 21.504 positive and 29 deaths. I am 205.699 the Venetians currently infected from the virus and isolates. Of these, 1.895 they are in the hospital for complications from Covid, while everyone else is in home care. The total death toll from the virus rises to 12.612. L’employment of terapie intensive rises in six regions, Veneto reaches the 20%. Also under pressure medical areas, in the Venetian hospitals the share of beds occupied by Covid patients is del 24%.

How long quarantine and isolation last, the new rules

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“I am 215 people in intensive care and 1,680 those hospitalized in the medical area, so that means nearly 1,900 patients covid in the hospitals of Veneto “, explains the governor Zaia.” If you continue arhospitalize 50 people a day, as it happens today, you go in orange area, hospitals are thrown into crisis and then you go into the red zone – added Zaia -. Outside it seems that everything is normal, in hospitals it is not: the beds are filling up and we will have to see how well we will be able to cure patients who are not covid“Strong surge, therefore, in hospitals: 67 more in the medical areas than yesterday and one more in intensive care.

What happens today in Veneto:

The fourth wave Covid, the one of Omicron, is crushing the Veneto on the barricades. Infected and in home isolation there are over 200 thousand citizens – since it no longer allows effective tracking – and in hospitals, between hospitalizations in the ward and in intensive care – there are almost 1,900 patients (1,895).

The situation is heavy, also because the weeks pass and we still do not see the plateaux of this new advance of the virus, after which the descent should begin. The region grinds record after record in daily infections: those of the last 24 hours, the result of over 187,000 swabs, were 21,504: a figure that bears the total from the beginning of the epidemic to 792,750.

The data from Agenas, updated to January 10, confirm this difficult situation: the occupancy rate of beds by patients Covid in the departments it is del 24% (two points less than the national average, which rose to 26%), while it is 20% that of intensive care, higher than the average (17%).

The Veneto presents instead excellent data in vaccinations. In the last month, according to data from the Region, more have been done 1.300.000, of which over 114 thousand first doses, under the pressure of the entry into force of the mandatory Green pass, and the obligation for the over 50s. children between 5 and 11 years, over 60 thousand. More than 42% of the resident population has already received the third dose.

Yesterday in Veneto the school resumed in attendance with an average of 4.5% of students in isolation because they are positive for Covid or in quarantine because they have come into contact with positive subjects. A teacher who has to attend many different classes for a few hours to plug the holes left by absent colleagues because they are sick or in quarantine “does not continue their studies, they are buffer solutions“, explains the regional councilor at the School, Elena Donazzan.

The president has returned to ask that “the scientific authority”, that is the CTS, decide on access to schools. “I have as many parents as I do they aska Dat least until the end of the month, but we governors we cannot decide“, Zaia specified referring to the cancellation of the order to close elementary and middle school signed by the Campania colleague, Vincenzo De Luca. Yesterday the TAR canceled the provision, accepting the appeals of the Council of Ministers and some parents.

The situation in Venetian schools: Covid school, 4.5% of Venetian students in quarantine. Donazzan: “This is not a good school”

The governor Luca Zaia announces the maximum peak of infections who, according to the projections of the experts, is preparing the ground to stem the domino effect on hospitals. “The peak of infections could be around January 20. E between 10 and 12 February the peak of the hospitalized in hospital, but these are only predictions that can change “, he confirms.

Dragons on school, Omicron, politics, no vax and support: the press conference in 5 points

Until yesterday they were over 190 thousand Venetians infected from Covid – the exact number is 190,199 – data will never grow in the next few hours, when the regional crisis unit releases today’s bulletin. Yesterday there were only new cases 7.492 due to the drop in tests processed on Sunday, today is expected a new elevation due to the swabs carried out on Monday morning for the resumption of schools and work after the long Christmas holidays. With the latest government provisions, the rules on quarentines: this is how long the isolation lasts now.

The exponential growth of infections in the provinces is about to bring Veneto into the orange zone. I am five geographical areas over 30 thousand positives and therefore under fire, here the monitoring is constant. The area with the highest number of cases detected today is Verona, where in the last 24 hours they are registered 4.585 new positives, for a total of 41.347 contagions. Follows closely Treviso with 4.018 new positives e 36.565 citizens infected and in quarantine.

A Vicenza the new episodes of Covid today are 3.731, which bring the total of infections to 33.488. Another province with a high number of new cases today is Padova, I am indeed 3.561 the latest positives detected, which lead to 37.628 ithe total of residents infected with the virus. Nin the Metropolitan City of Venezia emerge today 3.164 positive, for a total of 31.536 infected.

A Rovigo I am instead 9.919 people in quarantine, of which 1.186 starting from now, while a Belluno the latest cases discovered in the analytical laboratories are 672, which bring the total of positives to 5.820.

I am 49,714 doses of vaccine inoculated yesterday in Veneto, since it brings the total number of vaccinations to quota 9.552.633. It is about 3.628 first doses, for a total of 3.352.953, to which are added 4.031 second doses (4.123.629 the total is 42.055 booster (2.076.048 in total). Yesterday the former mayor of Venice also received the third dose today Massimo Cacciari launch an appeal: “Who can go and get vaccinated “

Sthe virologist on the obligation to vaccinate Andrea Crisanti, director of the University of Molecular Medicine Department Padova. The vaccination obligation for over 50s “it will not stop the wave of Covid underway. This measure has passed as a cure-all for solving the overload problem of hospitals. This is not the case “”, emphasizes Crisanti

After the “buffer measure” to make up for the lack of general practitioners, with the increase in the number of loans assigned for coping with the Covid emergency, the Region is under the barrage of the territory. In recent days the Fimmg, the trade union of general practitioners, sent a letter of protest to the president Zaia and the regional councilor for health, Manuela Launcher.

“Emergency measures are not enough to solve problems that have been dragging on for years and that the pandemic has aggravated. Region listen to the family doctors and their proposals, otherwise raising the ceiling for clients will not only be of little use, but will prove to be a fiasco. “Thus the vice-president of the Healthcare Commission at Palazzo Ferro Fini, Anna Maria Bigon, returns to the theme of the council resolution that brings the maximum number of patients for each doctor to 1,800 on a voluntary basis.

The attack is clear: more doctors are needed in the area. “This is not how the right to health is guaranteed to all Venetians – attacks the Pd councilor – if family doctors, who are already suffering from the shortage of administrative staff, must also follow all the phases of the tracking linked to Covid, they are the repercussions are inevitable on the rest of the activities. And you can’t continue to unload the difficulties of the Sisp on them, which went haywire because of the lack of staff “.

“It needs to be reviewed there continuity of care as a whole, with the aim of offering adequate and as uniform assistance and services as possible throughout the entire territory, also involving the Usca. It is an issue that had to be addressed for some time and which now, due to the pandemic, has become even more urgent and complicated to solve “, concludes Bigon.

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