Covid, school in the presence as long as possible. ” In Trentino 7% of students and 9% of teachers are absent but the system holds up ”

TRENTO. A school in attendance as long as possible. This is the line chosen by the Draghi government and well received also by Trento with the president Fugatti who reiterated that Trentino has always been committed to keeping the school in attendance. Nevertheless, there are problems.

The manager Ceccato, at the press conference he explained that he met with the commissioner Bisesti over 100 executives schools in ” a serene atmosphere but with great concern for data. Today – said Ceccato – we have about 5,000 kids absent, which represent 7% of the total. Most of these are infected: 3,600 children have covid and 1,500-1800 are absent for contact with positive. On the teachers front, on the other hand, we have about 200 suspended and 350 among Covid patients and who have come into contact with positives, percentage of about 9% of the teachersthe. An important fact – concluded Ceccato – but overall the system holds and is able to guarantee the service ”.

Fugatti then clarified that ”we want to understand how the infection proceeds in schools to then adapt our protocol to that issued by the government. It will be necessary to understand what the numbers of the suspended classes will be. If they are those of today (20 ed) they are absolutely manageable numbers. If they grow so much it will be necessary to understand how the infections will affect the system ”.

The director of civil protection De Col then clarified that with the new rules on quarantine and the evolution of infections he had to put his hand to the communication of positivity and quarantines. In this sense, ordinance of president who no longer provides for the ordinance of positives and contacts for the mayors but the quarantine will be communicated directly by APSS. ” The positives – explained De Col – will no longer receive the communication from the mayors while the mayors will have the report of the quarantined then they will ensure the controls. The numbers are such that it is no longer possible to follow the ordinary tracking process ”.


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