Likewise, the numbers indicate that 1,081 patients in the state who contracted COVID-19 were in intensive care unit beds, up from 1,223 the previous week.

In this context, positive tests for the virus fell below 5%, after the Sunshine State had experienced an increase in cases and referrals to hospitals in July and August as a result of the delta variant.

The state Department of Health reported that the number of positive tests stood at 4.8%. To keep the virus under control, health specialists have recommended that the average positivity rate be kept below 5% for at least two weeks.

The last time Florida reached that threshold was on June 25, according to official figures.

Just a month ago, Florida reported a positivity rate of over 10%.

The Florida health authority also reported that 11,339,967 residents have been fully vaccinated, more than 30,000 fewer than last week. It is the first time that the state reports a drop in this line.

Meanwhile, 625,221 residents received booster shots and, according to reports, 59% of Floridians 12 years and older are fully vaccinated.

In Miami-Dade, where the vaccination campaign has been more successful, the vaccination rate exceeds 83%, and therefore the incidence of infections is even lower than in the rest of the state.

However, experts in the health area have said that this is not the time to “lower our guard”, since 1,368 residents have died due to the disease since the 1st. October.

Dr. Dadilia Garcés, an epidemiologist at Miami Dade College, told DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS that “although there is treatment with monoclonal antibodies and that vaccines have been effective, it is not good to lower our guard now that the parties”.

According to Garcés, “Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming, so there will be a mobilization of more people who travel from state to state, and there are some who still have high rates of COVID.”

According to his statement, Floridians should not make “the same mistake” as last summer when mitigation measures were “relaxed”. “We must avoid a new wave,” he said.

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in Florida rose to 57,300 according to the latest CDC data released Tuesday, an increase of 887 from the previous day. Those deaths did not all occur in the past 24 hours and date back weeks.

“We must continue to vaccinate and use our masks when necessary,” said the epidemiologist.

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