Covid, new rules in May 2022: masks, green pass, sport

From 1 May 2022, new anti-Covid rules are triggered: that’s when green passes and masks are still needed

Lucia Resta

30 Apr 2022 | 10:02 (edited April 30, 2022 | 12:05)

A new month begins and new anti-Covid rules are triggered. Dal 1° maggio 2022, the changes are much more significant than in recent months, because two measures that have kept us company for a long time, will now be drastically reduced. Let’s talk about the green pass anduse of masks. They do indeed further steps towards normality, even if the pandemic is not yet defeated, as evidenced by the numerous cases of positivity to the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus that are recorded daily, for this reason the rules still remain in force, especially in the places most at risk, namely those where the interpersonal distance cannot be guaranteed. So let’s try to understand what happens from today and why we don’t have to put green passes and masks in the drawer yet.

Covid, rules from May 1st on the green pass

The first most important news of the month of May 2022 certainly concerns the green pass. In fact, it is no longer necessary either to access workplaces or for leisure time. It will no longer be required for admission to cinemas, theaters, venues of various kinds, including indoor bars and restaurants, or for means of transport. It is also not needed for indoor swimming pools and gyms, where until yesterday the strengthened green pass was needed. Also the sports halls and stadiums can be accessed without a green pass. Access, therefore, becomes free again everywhere. The only cases in which the reinforced green pass will continue to be served, i.e. the one that certifies the complete vaccination cycle or recovery from Covid-19, are the visits to hospitals and nursing homeswhere it will be required until December 31st.

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Green pass when traveling

The approaching holidays are one of the reasons why it is better not to tear up the green pass. In fact, if you travel abroad you still need it. The rules vary from country to country, but the green pass baseso what certifies vaccination, recovery or a negative result of a tampon, continues to be essential for entry into the countries of the European Union. The Italian Ministry of Health has extended the measures for those arriving in Italy or returning to Italy from abroad until 31 May.

Masks from 1st May: where to use them

The masks will be used much less from now on, but they will still need to be keep them close at hand because there are still situations where they are needed. Notably, until June 15 it is still FFP2 mask mandatory on all means of transport local and long-distance, then buses, subways, both regional and high-speed trains, ferries and airplanes. Furthermore, always the FFP2, is required until the end of May at the cinema, at the theater, for all kinds of indoor shows and even in sports halls. Obviously essential also in hospitals and nursing homes. On the other hand, a mask is no longer needed in shops of any kind, in bars and restaurants even indoors, in public offices, post offices, banks, museums, discos, hairdressers / barbers and beauticians. However the mask is still strongly recommended in all those situations in which interpersonal distance is not guaranteed. At the stadium the mask is no longer used nor for other types of outdoor shows. In this case there is no longer even a recommendation to use it, but obviously if someone wants to continue using it they can do it without problems.

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School masks

School is one of the few cases in which the mask is still mandatory and will be until the end of the school year, which is still very close. But just the surgical mask and therefore FFP2 is not necessary.

Anti-Covid rules in the workplace

In the workplace it is no longer mandatory to use a mask, but in the private sector employers can decide to continue to have their employees use the masks and keep in force the protocols that require them to be mandatory. So it is up to the owners to decide, also based on their business, the products they are dealing with, the contact with the public, whether to continue using the mask or not. Different is the case of public officesbecause the Minister for Public Administration intervened Renato Brunetta with an ad hoc circular in which he explains that the use of FFP2 masks in public offices “is recommended, in particular, for staff in contact with the public without suitable protective barriers, for those in line at the canteen or in other common areas, for those who share the room with ‘fragile’ staff, in the elevators and in cases where the spaces cannot exclude crowds “. So public workers are recommended to use the mask if they work in shared rooms with colleagues, even if there are only two of them, unless there are enough spaces to avoid crowding. It is also recommended to use it during meetings, if you are in line at the bar or to enter the office and then in “the presence of any symptoms concerning the respiratory tract”. In corridors, on stairs and in large rooms, as long as there is no crowding, you can avoid using the mask. There circular of Brunetta specifies: “Each administration will have to adopt the measures it deems most appropriate to the needs of health and safety in the workplace, obviously taking into account both the evolution of the epidemiological context and the health requirements that may be adopted, even at local level, by competent authorities “.

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Covid rules from May 1st: vaccination obligation

The vaccination obligation remains in force until 15 June 2022 for teachers, school staff, law enforcement agencies and for all citizens aged 50 and over, otherwise they risk a 100 euro fine. For doctors, nurses, health personnel and nursing homesthe vaccination obligation remains until December 31st.



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