“Covid Nails”: Do you recognize that you have survived corona infection?

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You can tell whether you have a corona infection by looking at many different symptoms. Even after a Covid illness that may have been symptom-free, the physical signs still indicate that you may have had Corona. According to a scientist, there are now the so-called “Covid Nails”.

Tim Spector, epidemologist at King’s College in London and science journalist, posted a photo of a hand on Twitter a few days ago. To see: fingernails that have clear grooves – but not only lengthways, as many people know from their own nails, but also across. The nail on the far left has a deep indentation. Spector explains: “Do your nails look strange? ‘Covid Nails’ are increasingly recognized as a sign that the nails are recovering after an infection and that this leaves a clearly recognizable line when they are re-waxed. [Das Symptom] may show up with rashes but appear harmless. “

Such grooves should therefore be visible as a long-covid symptom after a few weeks or months after a corona infection. In fact, some Twitter users agree with the scientist’s observation and report that they also discovered this symptom after their corona illness. But not everyone agrees with him. So what is it about “Covid Nails”?

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Grooves in the nails: Are “Covid Nails” really a clear sign of Corona?

In short: no. The fact that transverse grooves develop in the nails may or may not be the case after various infections. “In the case of viral diseases in particular, there can always be subsequent disturbances in nail growth with transverse grooves,” explains dermatologist Dr. Uwe Kirschner opposite web.de. However, it has not (yet) been scientifically proven that it occurs specifically and particularly frequently after a corona disease. However, it is possible as after other viral diseases.

This is also confirmed by Dr. Jeffrey Weinberg, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, opposite the Washington Post. Symptoms like the grooves in the nails can be caused by a variety of physical causes. However, he also confirms that he has had a few reports of unusual looking fingernails as a long covid symptom.

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