COVID nails as a new corona symptom

So far, a number of unusual symptoms that can arise as a result of a COVID disease have been identified: There is the corona tongue, the corona fingers and now also the „COVID-Nails“. This symptom usually only shows up a few weeks or even months after the actual infection.

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COVID-Nails: Nail changes after corona infection

The British epidemiologist and professor at King’s College in London, Tim Spector, who has already described the above-mentioned corona symptoms, now reports on the “Corona-Nails”. The epidemiologist writes on Twitter:

“Do your nails look strange? COVID nails are increasingly being recognized when the nails recover from an infection, growth returns and one leaves a clear line. They can appear without rashes and appear harmless. “

The symptoms of corona nails include lines and grooves on the nails. Whether it is actually a sign of a past COVID illness or whether it is not the normal nail structure can be determined by the course of the grooves. Cross grooves are typical for corona nails – Longitudinal grooves, on the other hand, usually arise during the aging process or as a result of a lack of fluid. Since nails grow back slowly, the change in the nail structure only becomes noticeable after weeks or months. For this reason it is also from “Post-Covid-Nails”, ie from “Post-corona nails” the speech.

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In addition to the transverse grooves, COVID nails can also get through reddish discoloration on the so-called lunula, the white semicircle on the nail plate. Unlike the transverse grooves, the discoloration can show up earlier after a corona infection.

Corona nails as a result of a weakened immune system

Changes to the nails can also occur in connection with other infections and do not necessarily have to indicate corona nails. When the organism is busy fighting a pathogen, other processes in the body are shut down. As a result, only a thin horny layer grows on the nails. Experts suspect one explanation for the discoloration Damage to the blood vessels, which is also considered to be the cause of the “Corona fingers”.

Anyone who suddenly sees discoloration and grooves on their nails should do an antibody test – because supposed “COVID nails” are not clear evidence of a past corona infection.

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COVID nails: these changes to your fingernails may show you’ve had coronavirus, in:

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