A few days before the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the number of new coronavirus infections has risen to over 1,000. The Japanese capital registered 1,149 new cases on Wednesday, exceeding the 1000 mark for the first time in about two months. The increase comes despite Tokyo being placed in a state of emergency for the fourth time. What is worrying is the contagion curve that has been rising for 25 days now. Japanese public opinion has expressed strong doubts about the opportunity to play the Games for fear of an increase in infections but Japan and the International Olympic Committee have assured that the Olympics will be safe. Japan “doesn’t have to worry about security,” said IOC No. 1, Thomas Bach. From Asia to Europe. Austria also records a surge in Covid infections. To be exact, they tripled within a week. In fact, 332 new cases were ascertained between Friday and Saturday, while in the same period of the previous week just 107 infections were identified. Over the past seven days, an average of 160 new cases have been recorded per day, almost double the same week in July 2020 (84). The same also applies to the active cases which are currently 2,474 and on 14 July 2020 they were just 1,239.