Covid, how to recognize the symptoms of the Omicron variant: one of all must immediately alarm!

It was the Omicron 5 sub-variant that contributed to the exponential increase in cases we have seen in recent weeks.

Now, although it appears evident and established that it is less lethal, it is much more contagious and its symptoms are very similar to those of a flu or a cold, which therefore, especially in the early stages, leads the patient not to isolate himself and therefore to increase the risk of infecting others, in the mistaken belief that it is just a cold or flu.

But there is actually a symptom that should immediately cause alarm. Here is what it is and what it is therefore good to pay attention to.

Omicron 5: the sore throat

The first symptom of Omicron 5 is the sore throat. The upper airways are also affected, so you are likely to have a runny or stuffy nose, a slight cough, mild cooling symptoms. Therefore, if you manifest this symptomatological picture, do not hesitate to undergo a swab immediately in order to immediately put yourself in isolation.

After that, fever sets in, usually around the second day, along with muscle aches and headaches. In most cases, the symptoms last 2 days, although there are those who may experience them for longer, even up to 5 days.

In addition to these symptoms, albeit more rarely, they also complain of stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, as well as severe fatigue and asthenia.

The cure

Usually, the cure of choice is antipyretic drugs such as paracetamol to lower fever when it rises above 38 ° C.

Also widely used anti-inflammatory, while for fragile subjects it is better to resort to antivirals, in the most serious cases, monoclonal.

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At the moment, however, when it comes to monoclonals, they are a type that works against Omicron 5. All the other types that had proved effective during the first phase of the pandemic, however, proved ineffective against Omicron 5.

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