“Covid fields for no vax”, the Ihu and Sassoli variant: so, today …

– died David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament. Deep respect, as it should be for a person who leaves us. But I don’t know him, so I’ll leave it to others to say more. Condolence

– I return to an article by Giuliano Ferrara, according to which the exemption a Novak Djokovic he is right because he is a Maradona style champion. This made me think. Because I remember well the cheesy pieces of our homegrown commentators when El Pibe De Oro passed away. I remember the rivers of ink for La Mano de Dios. I still have in mind how the defects of the man on the altar of the “great football champion” have been substantially erased. Drugs, women, hand goals, little sportsmanship: all forgotten. Roberto Saviano, to say, wrote that “the vices, the errors, the crimes committed were only the shadow that made the God brighter”. Novak, on the other hand, just because no vax, was practically massacred. They write about him: he will be strong, he will be number 1, but he is not “a great like Nadal and Federer”. I don’t know about you, but I notice a little bit of hypocrisy

– another dose of optimism. Silvio Garattini, president of the Mario Negri Institute, points out that in France they have pinched a new variant (Ihu) that could “further complicate the picture”. The risk in practice is to find yourself with three epidemics (not just two, as Remuzzi said): Delta, Omicron, Ihu, the cat and the black fly, fan a cancan of the malora. I repeat: never end of sentence. What an agony

– in Great Britain, infections have been decreasing for six days, despite the few restrictions applied. Garattini always says: “We cannot make a comparison with the United Kingdom, where a consortium of universities and research centers has been established since the beginning of the pandemic and has sequenced almost 2 million Sars-CoV-2 genomes. In this way, the arrival of a new variant and its diffusion are known in real time and any decision can be based on a knowledge of the epidemiological trend. In Italy this does not happen, the activity of sequencing is insufficient“. Good. And sorry: if we are the blowjobs in sequencing, with whom we have to blame: with the Huns? Or maybe with the Ministry of Health?

Covid, leap of infections in Serbia. Few vaccinated. They will blame Djokovic

– a boy died crushed by a car in the center of Milan’s eastern ring road. It was 3.20 on November 22 last. The hypothesis of the investigator is that someone may have pushed them to “do push-ups” in the middle of the road. Pushups in the middle of the road. The question is: how can we go that far?

– a leader of the no vax proposes to create “covid field“Where the unvaccinated can” catch the disease in time “and avoid aggravation. Textually it says: “Considering that the virus must be caught in time, thus avoiding an aggravation that is then unmanageable, volunteer Covid camps could be set up, not concentration camps, it is clear, in which by paying 300, 400 euros, a person with symptoms can go to be treated with suitable drugs, proper nutrition and active surveillance, to act not only preventively but also on post-illness “. All to” stem the serious consequences “and avoid” engulfing intensive care “. Now, I want good to (almost) everyone. I respect the pure choices of those who do not want to get immunized. no vax would you like to put coronavirus patients on an Indian-like reserve? I boh …

– lite sul super green pass a Mass. In Rimini, the president of the province asks that to go and pray to God it is necessary to be immunized. The local vicar, Don Maurizio Fabbri, replies spades: “It is one thing in fact to go to the cinema or to the disco”, another to kneel before the Most High. Right, absolutely right, good. Because, adds Don Andrea Turchini, “as a Christian community we cannot place ourselves in an exclusive attitude with respect” to the no vax. But a small note: a few months ago the CEI said opposing the green pass was “contrary to the Gospel” and the Pope forced the Vatican workers to show the super green pass, under penalty of suspension from work, without salary. Do you see any contradictions?



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