Covid: Exercise makes vaccines more effective

According to a study, playing sports and exercising not only strengthens the immune system, but also makes vaccines more effective. Here because

Enhance the effects of the vaccine? According to a scientific study, it can. Or better: those who practice sports and exercise have a good chance that the vaccine will be more effective. How can this be explained?

Exercise and vaccines –

This is stated in an article published in the scientific journal The Conversation and signed by Sebastian Chastin, professor of Health Behavior Dynamics at Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland). “We found several evidence that regular physical activity strengthens the immune system”, Writes Chastin. “In 35 independent randomized controlled trials regular physical activity led to elevated levels of the IgA immunoglobulin antibody. This antibody covers the mucous membrane of our lungs and other parts of our body where viruses and bacteria can enter. Regular physical activity also increases the number of CD4 + T cells , which are responsible for alerting the immune system to an attack and regulating its response ”. By checking the studies, the researchers found that even vaccines appear to be more effective if administered after a training program, even a moderate one. “An active person – writes Chastin – is 50% more likely to have a higher antibody count after the vaccine than an inactive person”.

How physical activity prevents disease –

According to scientists they are 3 the mechanisms that make physical activity a further defense against infectious diseases. It is also a vaccine enhancer.

  • In the first place, exercise protects against risk factors for severe and fatal infection. “Physically active people are less likely to develop obesity, diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Epidemiological studies have shown that COVID-19 and other respiratory infectious diseases are more serious for people with these conditions, ”comments the Glasgow Caledonian University lecturer.
  • Physical activity also reduces stress and inflammation chronic, in turn reducing the likelihood of fatal infections. “Most deaths from COVID-19 and pneumonia have been the result of an uncontrolled inflammatory response,” explains Chastin.
  • Finally, our immune system is stronger if we are physically active.

Sport and exercise against Covid –

By analyzing the different studies, the Scottish researchers were also able to put the health of those who practice physical activity into figures. “We found consistent and compelling evidence in 6 studies involving more than half a million participants that compliance with recommended guidelines for physical activity – 30 minutes of activity, 5 days a week – reduces the risk of getting sick and dying from infectious diseases by 37%“. In short, keeping fit could also give us a little help against covid. “Unfortunately, an apparent decrease in physical activity levels has been observed globally over the past year,” writes Chastin. “This is a dangerous trend that could make the population more vulnerable to infectious and chronic diseases in the short term. If left unchecked, it will also leave a long-term detrimental legacy and increase the burden of the disease and its associated social and economic cost ”.

To each his own … exercise –

And who just doesn’t want to join the gym or start running? Scientists suggest not to give up and try to adapt the concept of physical activity to your tastes and possibilities. The canonical 30 minutes of exercise can thus become a long walk at a fast pace, half an hour of dance, yoga, a skating session or a football match. In short, the important thing to strengthen the immune system (and not only) is to move. Everyone can do it the way they like.

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