It was considered a sort of wildcard, the third anti Covid messenger RNA vaccine capable of turning the European vaccination campaign around because it is totally German and financed by both Germany than from the European Union. Instead, after the disappointing results on efficacy CureVac decided to proceed with a new generation compound and today announced the decision to withdraw its first generation Covid vaccine candidate (CVnCoV) from the current approval process underway at the European Medicines Agency Ema.

The German company will focus on developing the second generation mRna vaccine candidates it is working on in collaboration with britannica Gsk. The decision – explains the Tübingen company – is also aligned with the evolving dynamics of the response to the pandemic: in fact, there is a greater need for differentiated vaccines to address a situation in which the Sars-CoV-2 virus will be endemic. As a direct consequence of this choice announced today, the company also informs that “the current one will cease advance purchase agreement with the European Commission, which was based on the use of the candidate vaccine CVnCoV ”to address the needs of the acute phase of the pandemic. However, the company is evaluating the possibility of leveraging CVnCoV commitments for second-generation vaccine candidates.

“We welcome CureVac’s decision to focus on the promising technology for a second generation mRna vaccine we are developing together, as in preclinical tests showed a strong improvement compared to the first generation vaccine candidate of CureVac (CVnCoV) ”underlines the Italian scientist Rino Rappuoli, Head of Vaccines R&D at Gsk. The CureVac-Gsk alliance against Covid-19 is based on a strategic partnership related to messenger RNA technology, which the two companies started in July 2020 with different objectives in the field of infectious diseasesAnd. A cooperation that has recently been extended – it is recalled in the note – with the deployment of additional resources by the two companies. “The joint development activities involve optimized second generation mRna vaccines, which offer the potential to strike diverse variant of coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, as well as to prevent various diseases with a single injection and to offer improved forms of administration ”.

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