Covid certificate: you are guaranteed to need it for these things

The app for the Covid certificate can now be downloaded.

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Okay, the Covid certificate is there – but do I really need it for the restaurant now?

The Covid certificate is here. Do I need it now to go to a restaurant? And for the holidays abroad? The most important answers.

Corsin Manser
Corsin Manser


So now the time has come: the pilot operation for the Covid certificate has been running since yesterday, Monday. The first certificates are now being issued step by step – both in paper form and electronically on the free “COVID Certificate App”, which is immediately available for download.

According to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), a little more than 260 certificates had been issued by Tuesday morning. The pilot operation lasts two weeks, and the certificates should then be available throughout Switzerland by the end of June.

But what will we be able to use the certificates for at all? We have known a little more about this since yesterday, Monday, after the National Council made some fundamental decisions. The following are the most important points.

What did the National Council debate on Monday?

The National Council voted on the updated Covid law on Monday. In addition to help for workers and sports clubs, it also involved using the Covid certificate. The SVP wanted to severely limit its use. National Councilor Diana Gutjahr demanded that the certificate only be used for international travel, for major events with more than 5000 people and for discos.

Gutjahr wanted an explicit ban for all other areas of application. Gutjahr argued that it was “disproportionate” to have to show the Covid certificate when visiting a restaurant.

Did the SVP get away with your request?

No, Gutjahr and her party colleagues had no chance. Your proposals were rejected.

What does this mean for the Covid certificate?

The National Council supported the Federal Council on Monday. This one sees Ampel-System which is intended to provide the framework for the use of the Covid certificate.

More about the Covid certificate:

What does this traffic light system look like?

The traffic light system proposed by the Federal Council in mid-May has three areas: green, orange and red.

Im green area the Covid certificate should not be used. Everyday places belong to the green area. For example schools, shops, the workplace or public transport. You won’t have to show a Covid certificate there.

Then there is one orange areawhere the Covid certificate may be used. The orange area includes bars and restaurants, events with fewer than a thousand people, leisure, sports and entertainment establishments, sports and cultural clubs or visits to hospitals and homes.

If the epidemiological situation worsens, the Covid certificate could become mandatory in these places to prevent closings. Operators can, however, restrict access to persons with a certificate of their own accord in order to waive the protective measures.

Restaurants can request a Covid certificate in order to lift the protective measures.

Restaurants can request a Covid certificate in order to lift the protective measures.

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After all, there is one red area. The Covid certificate will be mandatory there. Discos and clubs, international travel and major events with over 5000 people are affected.

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Is the Federal Council’s plan definitive?

No. The National Council supported the traffic light system with its decisions. However, the state government will discuss the concrete implementation again in mid-June. For the time being, however, the certificate is likely to be used primarily for travel in the Schengen area and for access to major events in Switzerland. Or in companies that voluntarily request a certificate and can therefore dispense with the protective measures.

Can the Covid certificate be used for travel in the EU?

Yes, it looks good in that regard. The electronic solution is compatible with the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” system provided by the EU and enables mutual recognition of certificates. Switzerland is pushing the pace. “We will most likely be ready with the certificates before the EU,” said Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer on Friday at a media conference in Bern.

However, the Covid certificate does not guarantee that you can enter every EU country. The countries can decide with sovereignty which regulations apply to entry and thus react to the epidemiological situation. It is also possible that travel restrictions in certain countries will soon be completely lifted.

Beach near Athens: With the Covid certificate, entry into Greece should be possible without any problems.

Beach near Athens: With the Covid certificate, entry into Greece should be possible without any problems.

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What are the conditions for a certificate again?

Vaccinated, convalescent and tested persons should receive a certificate. For vaccinated people, the certificate should be valid for 180 days from the 11th day after the second injection. For those who have recovered, the certificate is also valid for 180 days. The certificate is valid for 72 hours after a PCR test and for 24 hours after an antigen test.

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Who issues the certificate?

The cantons play an important role here. You decide which specialists are allowed to issue the certificate. However, it should mean that the certificate is issued at the vaccination center or at the doctor’s. For those who have recovered, there will be a form on the websites of the cantons from June 14th. The certificate can be requested with this.

And where can I download the “COVID Certificate App”?

The app is available now.

In fact:

Everything you need to know about the Covid certificate

The Swiss Covid certificate on your smartphone

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The Swiss Covid certificate on your smartphone

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