Covid: can we get our booster dose if we are positive for Coronavirus?

By Cécile D. Posted on January 11, 2022 at 1:57 p.m.

If you’ve caught Covid-19 recently, you don’t need to get your booster shot. But should you be concerned when you fall ill right after the injection? We take stock.

Olivier Véran had reminded us last November: one contamination is equal to one dose. In other words, it is not necessary to give yourself a booster shot against the Covid-19 if you caught the virus after your last dose. One certificate of recovery from Covid-19 lasts six months from the date of the screening test.

If, for example, if you caught the coronavirus in September 2021, you do not need to receive a new dose of the vaccine until March 2022. An infection produces enough antibodies, it is not necessary to consolidate the immune defenses with one more vaccine.

But then what if you’ve done your booster dose, and that you have been tested positive for Covid-19 a few days later ? Is there a health risk from this overexposure to the virus?

According to current scientific knowledge, there is no no risk of complications linked to getting vaccinated when you are already infected with the virus. “ There is currently no recommendation requiring a diagnostic test before injecting the vaccine. », Recalls the virologist and teacher researcher Yannick Simon in the newspaper columns West France.

Elisabeth Bouvet, president of the HAS technical committee on vaccinations, confirms that no serious side effects are to be feared. However, people affected by this scenario have a higher risk of contracting mild side effects like fatigue or fever, she says.

If it is not recommended to be vaccinated when you have the Covid, it is mainly because this injection is considered unnecessary, in a body where the virus is already present. ” Regarding asymptomatic people carrying SARS-CoV-2 and not diagnosed, vaccination will not provide no profit. The immune system is already fighting infection, including producing antibodies », Explains Yannick Simonin.

This opinion is not entirely shared by Élisabeth Bouvet. If the dose of vaccine injected into an already sick organism is not dangerous, it is nevertheless not useless, according to the infectious disease specialist. On the contrary, it can even be beneficial: “ It is as if these people had received a higher dose : the immune response will be greater, because vaccine and infection combine to stimulate the body She says.

Currently, the vaccination strategy in France states that if a person tests positive for Covid-19, they do not need to have their booster dose immediately, whether symptomatic or not. If you have contracted the coronavirus, you can therefore cancel your appointment reminder, if it is less than six months away. If you have tested positive after your injection, you don’t have to worry about the virus being any more dangerous. However, if the effects of the vaccination or the illness are very hard to bear or unusual, contact your doctor.


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