Covid Calabria, a quick test will be enough to exit the quarantine: the Occhiuto ordinance

A negative quick test will suffice to exit isolation or quarantine. The president of the council of the Calabria Region provides it with a special order, Roberto Occhiuto. “For the execution of the end-of-isolation and / or quarantine and self-surveillance swabs for Covid, as an alternative to the Provincial Health Authority, the possibility of carrying out a rapid antigenic or molecular test at public and private providers, also in home mode, authorized and recognized as qualified “.

The confirmed cases of Covid

Also «by the definition of confirmed case Covid-19 and for the consequent provision of isolation, the positive antigen test responding to the minimum performances indicated by the Ministry of Health (> 80% sensitivity and> 97% specificity and included in the lists of the Health security committee, performed by public and private providers authorized for this purpose, it does not require confirmation with molecular tests “.

You then enter isolation / quarantine with a quick test (molecular is no longer needed) and it comes out the same way with a negative quick test. Rapid test that will be possible to carry out in the Prevention Departments of the Asp (and the structures designated for this); by general practitioners / pediatricians of free choice; in the analysis and clinical pathology laboratories accredited or authorized with the regional health service, regardless of the functional configuration in terms of specialized sectors; in pharmacies adhering to the memorandum of understanding of 5 August 2021.

The report with negative result

Therefore the transmission, also with electronic methods, of the report with negative result to the Department of Prevention of the territorially competent Asp, results in the termination of the quarantine or self-monitoring regime.

In addition, the ordinance recommends “the commissioners of the Pugliese Ciaccio Hospital of Catanzaro, the Annunziata Hospital of Cosenza, the Provincial Health Authority of Reggio Calabria and the Materdomini University Hospital of Catanzaro, to guarantee, even using possibly the derogation procedures allowed for the emergency, the timely acquisition of the reagents necessary for the genomic sequencing of the samples, on a weekly basis, for the respective laboratories that already carry out this activity. The regional genomic sequencing activity will be the subject of a specific operational procedure, to be approved with a further and distinct act “.

Finally, “all the management of the health and hospital Trusts are asked to guarantee, even using the derogation procedures permitted for the emergency, the timely acquisition of dpi, including molecular and antigenic swabs and diagnostic kits laboratory estimated as necessary to face the subsequent phases of the emergency “.



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