Covid: 63,815 positive, 133 victims. 15% positivity rate – Health

There are 63,815 new infections from Covid in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 61,555. The victims are 133, the same number recorded yesterday.

There are 424,482 molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus carried out in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 397,482. The positivity rate is 15%, down from 15.5% yesterday. There are 411 patients admitted to intensive care, 8 fewer than yesterday in the balance between entries and exits. Daily admissions are 39. There are 9,878 patients admitted to ordinary wards, or 102 fewer than yesterday.

In the last week the percentage of rand infections out of total Covid cases reported in Italy is equal to 4.4%, an increase compared to the previous week in which the percentage was 4.1%. This is highlighted by the extended report of the Higher Institute of Health, which integrates the weekly monitoring. The analysis starting from last December 6 (date considered to be the reference date for the start of the spread of the Omicron variant), highlights an increased risk of reinfection.

The increased risk of reinfection affects in particular, the ISS notes in its extended report, the subjects with the first diagnosis of Covid-19 notified for over 210 days compared to those who had the first diagnosis between the previous 90 and 210 days; in subjects not vaccinated or vaccinated with at least one dose for over 4 months compared to vaccinated with at least one dose within 120 days. Increased risk of reinfection also in the female population compared to the male one and in the younger age groups (12 to 49 years) compared to people with the first diagnosis between the ages of 50-59 years. For none of the Omicron sub-lineages (such as BA.1, BA.2 and BA.3 and of omicron-omicron recombinants, such as Xj and Xl), Anna Teresa Palamara, Director of Infectious Diseases of the ISS explained yesterday, illustrating the weekly monitoring, “an increase in the ability to transmit or to cause severe disease has been documented.” In total, 338,967 cases of reinfection from Covid-19 were reported from 24 August 2021 to 13 April 2022.

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Since the beginning of the epidemic, 3,515,940 Covid cases have been diagnosed in the population 0-19 years, of which 17,037 hospitalized, 380 hospitalized in intensive care and 53 deceased. The extended report of the Higher Institute of Health highlights this, underlining that this week the percentage of cases reported in the school age population (21%) is decreasing compared to the rest of the population. In the last week, 17% of school-age cases were diagnosed in children under 5, 43% in the age group 5-11, 39% in the age group 12-19.

The mortality rate for the population over 5 years, in the period February 18 – March 20, for the unvaccinated is about ten times higher than for vaccinated with additional / booster dose (3 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants) and is about five times higher than those vaccinated with a complete cycle for less than 4 months (34 deaths against 7 per 100,000 inhabitants). For ICU admissions between February 25 and March 27, the rate in unvaccinated people is approximately seven times higher than in those vaccinated with an additional dose / booster (1 per 100,000 population).

Even in the era of Omicron circulation the protection of the booster dose (two doses plus booster), even if not complete, is also active in the prevention of infections and stands at 66% or more in the various age groups. This is highlighted by the extended report of the Higher Institute of Health, in the analysis on the effectiveness of anti-Covid vaccines. Particularly high protection from severe disease which reaches 90% in vaccinated with additional dose / booster, especially in people over 80 years and also in the age group over 70 years.

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