Covid-19: woman “surprised” by quarantine during a date ends up trapped in the suitor’s house

A Chinese woman was forced to spend several days at the home of a suitor with whom she had dinner due to the imposition of quarantine in the city where the man lived to contain the spread of covid-19.

The unusual story is told by herself on the Chinese social network WeChat. The woman, identified only as Wang, reveals that it all started after her parents arranged several dates for her, in an attempt to find her a husband, as they consider that their daughter “is getting too old”.

During dinner with the 5th suitor, the Chinese discovered that the region where the man lived had been quarantined due to the number of cases of covid-19, being prevented from leaving the man’s house for several days.

Wang told local media that she had been “stuck” for four days and that the situation was far from ideal. According to the BBC, it is unknown whether the Chinese woman continues to comply with quarantine or if she has already been able to leave the suitor’s residence.

This isn’t the first time a story like this has happened. In December, a Chinese man found himself “caught up” by a quarantine while moving house. At the time, he told the press that he had been prevented from collecting the last furniture he had in the car, even having to borrow bed linen from neighbors.


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