Covid-19: why are some people not positive while living with an infected person?

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According to a recent study by several researchers from Imperial College London, there is an explanation for the fact that some people are not positive even though they are living with a person infected with Covid-19.

As you were recently reported, a cold can protect against infection with the Omicron and Delta variants, as reported by the English media Sky News. Researchers at Imperial College London say, in fact, that T cells from a cold protect against Covid. “An important discovery” in particular to explain the fact that people who live next to “covids” may not catch Covid-19.

Indeed, this study was conducted in September 2020 in the United Kingdom, followed 52 people who lived with a person who tested positive. Throughout the investigation, participants had to undergo several PCR tests to check if they were also infected: “We found that people with a lot of T cells continued to have negative results. T cells were created. by the body when infected with other coronaviruses such as the common cold, can protect against infection with Covid-19 “.

Study participant Prof Ajit Lalvani also commented: “Our study provides clear evidence that T cells in colds play a protective role against SARS-CoV-2.”



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