Researchers have just shown that people who are fully vaccinated are still much less likely to die or be hospitalized since the Delta variant became the strain of the Covid-19 virus.

With the arrival of the variant Delta, many concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of the vaccine in the face of this mutation. American researchers have just highlighted through a study that fully vaccinated people had an 11 times less risk of dying from the virus and 10 times less likely to be hospitalized, especially since the Delta variant took over the other strains. of the Covid-19.

Through three articles recently published by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the data collected once again highlights the effectiveness of vaccines against severe forms of the virus.

The first study was carried out in thirteen American jurisdictions over the period from April 4 to June 19, before the proliferation of the Delta variant, as well as that from June 20 to July 17. During this work, the researchers compared the cases of contamination between these two periods.

The results of the study notably underline that “ a fully vaccinated person being infected with Covid-19 compared to an unvaccinated person increased slightly from 11.1 times less likely to be infected to 4.5 times “. In terms of protection against hospitalizations, it remains stable. However, it fell more among people aged 65 and over than among the youngest.

Another study analyzed the effectiveness of different vaccines against Covid-19 between June and August in more than 400 hospitals and health centers. The results thus show that Moderna’s solution is the most effective against hospitalizations (95%). The efficacy is 80% for the Pfizer vaccine and 60% for Johnson & Johnson. This increased effectiveness of Moderna against Pfizer could in particular be linked to a higher dosage, 100 micrograms, against 30 micrograms, or even a longer interval between the two injections.

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