July 28, 2020 – 22:42
A contagion detected in the meringue puts the maximum European club competition on alert before the restart.

The footballer Mariano, who is a member of Real Madrid in Spain, tested positive for coronavirus in the last tests carried out on the team led by Zinedine Zidane and is currently undergoing mandatory isolation, according to the Spanish club.

This new case, in the “red circle” of the elite of the greats of Spanish football, puts the Champions League on alert, whose final instances are scheduled to start in less than ten days, after sanitary protocols are authorized.

“After the COVID-19 tests carried out individually on our first soccer squad by the Real Madrid Medical Services, our player Mariano has given a positive result,” said the Merengue entity.

Through a statement he published yesterday on his website and spread on social networks, Real Madrid clarified: “The player is in perfect health and complying with the sanitary isolation protocol at home.”

Mariano did not show up to train with the rest of his teammates, who began yesterday to prepare for the second leg of the last 16 of the Champions League against Manchester City on August 7.

Do you fans in Germany?
The German Football League (DFL) will submit to the consideration of the 36 teams that make up the Bundesliga and the Zweite Bundesliga (second division) a progressive plan for the fans to return to the stadiums this year.

The project will have some restrictions, such as the prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages or the temporary elimination of fast food stands, and in addition, the sale of tickets for the visiting group will be eliminated up to 10 percent with the aim of decrease the travel of the fans and thus prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Another of the planning ideas is the registration of all the assistants to the stadium to be able to do a personal follow-up in the event of contagions.