Covid-19: is there a risk of getting vaccinated if you are positive or if you are in contact?

With the current vaccination campaign and the sharp increase in the number of infections due to the arrival of the Omicron variant, many are wondering about the potential risk of being vaccinated by being positive for the coronavirus or case of contact of a person affected by the virus. Covid-19.

To allow us to see more clearly, the health authorities distinguish several cases.

Contact case at the time of the vaccination appointment

If you are in contact at the time of your vaccination appointment, it is preferable to get tested before. “If the test is negative, then the vaccination can take place. If the test is positive, it is advisable to wait at least two months after the end of the symptoms to be vaccinated ”, specifies the site of the Ministry of Health.

Asymptomatic at the time of the vaccination appointment

In the event that you are positive for Covid-19, but you are asymptomatic, two scenarios are possible. It is possible that the absence of symptoms will last throughout the period of infection, in which case the vaccine will only strengthen your immunity.

However, in the event that symptoms occur in the future, “it will help build a faster immune response.” In any case, there will be no deleterious effect ”, confirmed Jacqueline Marvel, immunologist and research director at CNRS.

In conclusion, scientists agree that in the worst case the vaccination will prove to be unnecessary. “As the person is already infected, they have already developed the antibodies that the vaccine has the role of inducing, so they probably do not benefit from being vaccinated”, declared Frédéric Altare, director of the immunology department at the Center. of research in cancerology and immunology Nantes-Angers, at Science et Avenir.

However, all doctors agree on the fact that these questions are perfectly legitimate. In recent months, the Omicron variant has significantly increased the number of contaminations in France, and in the world. As a result, many people are at least in contact and wonder if the vaccination campaign is taking place at the right time.

In addition, the number of screening has exploded and, in order to avoid unnecessary traffic jams, the Ministry of Health has confirmed that “it was not useful to be tested automatically before being vaccinated”. However, if one presents symptoms, it is of course essential to go and get tested beforehand.

The ministry even said it was better to postpone his appointment if symptoms appeared. “It is advisable to wait at least two months after the end of the symptoms to be vaccinated”, recommend the authorities.


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