COVID-19, in Piedmont simplified isolation and quarantine procedures

From Monday 17 January a text message from the Region will warn of the beginning or end of the default measure for the positives and their close contacts.
The new measures to simplify the procedures for quarantines and isolation will be operational starting from next week: they will be approved with a resolution in the next session of the regional council, on the proposal of the councilor for health, Luigi Icardi.
The provision was developed by the regional Prevention sector of the Health Department, in conjunction with the Crisis Unit and the Dirmei, taking into account the exponential increase in cases recorded in recent weeks and on the basis of the indications provided by the national regulations.
“The goal is to streamline the bureaucratic part, avoiding delays and unnecessary waiting for citizens. We have defined an operational protocol which, in compliance with national legislation, allows citizens to receive communications more quickly, directly on their telephone, with a message that has, in effect, the value of an administrative measure. By simplifying the procedures, we also guarantee greater timeliness and effectiveness in the tracking activities. ”- declare the President Alberto Cirio e the commissioner Luigi Icardi.


When the positive result of the antigenic or molecular swab is entered on the platform, the citizen will automatically receive a text message confirming the start of the isolation period with the link to an information page on the obligations established by the legislation for the isolation period.

Even those affected by the quarantine, because they are close contacts of a positive case, will be notified by means of a “sms” message confirming the start of the quarantine period.

At the end of the default period, in the absence of symptoms, the subject can carry out a molecular or antigenic swab based on the reservations of the general practitioner or pediatrician for the exit from isolation or even at an accredited or authorized private pharmacy or facility. from the Region, by presenting the SMS of communication of the default period and filling in the appropriate self-certification, where the subject declares to be in quarantine.

The insertion of the negative molecular or antigenic swab on the platform will result in automatic notification to the prevention departments of the ASLs and to the family doctors and pediatricians who, after verifying compliance with the legal terms, will certify on the platform, within 24 hours, the healing occurred to allow immediate sending of the end of isolation text message and notification to the Ministry of issuance of the green healing pass.
Also for the quarantine, on the basis of the new regulatory indications, the subject who carries out the swab with a negative result, again after verifying compliance with the terms of the law, will receive an end-of-quarantine text message and will be able to verify the closure of the period on the Health Piemonte portal. in default.

The progressive number, univocal, issued by the platform, represents the reference of the administrative procedure and will be used by the GP / PLS for the INPS procedure.

Furthermore, in the event that it is not possible to have a mobile number or, on the basis of the IT procedure, the non-delivery of the text message is reported, the ASL will use a different communication channel to the citizen (email, etc.) .
All information on isolation, quarantine or self-monitoring, including the measures to be respected, will be available to the interested party on the “Salute Piemonte” portal.


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