In a little less than a month, the government will unveil the outline of its stimulus plan. The unique opportunity to position the economy on the sectors of the future.

It is a suspended moment. A funny summer stuck between an epidemic that has not said its last word and a return that we feel is complicated. In a few weeks, the crisis, the real one, the one we have been described in advance as the most violent that we have known since the Second World War, will begin to make its effects felt. With the key, no doubt, the loss of several hundred thousand jobs: by spring 2021, France could have 800,000 to 1 million additional unemployed, warned the head of state during his July 14 interview.

But, before the wave arrives, there is this famous stimulus plan. The government will unveil the broad outlines to us at the end of August. With an unprecedented amount – 100 billion euros -, it is supposed to cushion the shock, limit damage. But if it did just that, this ambitious “reconstruction plan” would miss the boat. And a great opportunity to rebuild the French economy on new bases.

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