Court of Accounts asks to investigate mayors for misuse of funds

The Court of Accounts of the Republic (CCR) presented 10 notices to investigate the misuse of funds provided by the central government to combat COVID-19.

Irregularities in the use of COVID-19 funds amount to $7,110,990.68, the CCR authorities specified.

The 10 notices correspond to the same number of mayors’ offices: four from the department of San Salvador, three from San Vicente; and one for Chalatenango, La Libertad and Cuscatlán, respectively. The funds were used to “pay salaries, to pay councilors’ allowances, to pay representation expenses”, among other destinations that were not authorized.

The 10 notices are based on the audits carried out by the CCR between May 1, 2018 and April 30, 2021.

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