Course – virologist Christian Drosten raises the warning finger: “All those who have not been vaccinated will be infected with Sars-CoV-2”

Pandemic history

Virologist Christian Drosten raises the warning finger: “All those who have not been vaccinated will be infected with Sars-CoV-2”

The German virologist Christian Drosten shakes up with new statements about the further course of the pandemic – but there is also a positive perspective.

Christian Drosten is not worried about other more dangerous mutations.

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It’s been over a year since the virologist Christian Drosten said that children are just as contagious as adults because the virus load is the same. The opinion in Switzerland was different at the time – but Drosten was right. It is worth listening when the director of the Institute for Virology at the Charité in Berlin comments on the pandemic.

One of his latest statements is for once rather optimistic. He told the online magazine “Republik” that the antibodies that protect us against the coronavirus after a vaccination or infection would subside quickly, which is why we can get infected again relatively soon, especially if the virus has mutated. “But we only get slightly ill,” says Drosten. He speaks of a protection against serious illness that could last several years.

The so-called T cells are responsible for this. For T cells, it doesn’t matter if the virus mutates a little: T cells can recognize it on the basis of many different characteristics. “The virus can easily lose a few of its characteristics through mutations,” says Drosten.

Has the coronavirus run out of powder?

The virologist describes the differences between the virus variants that have emerged on different continents as not very great and therefore comes to the conclusion: “There are good reasons to assume that Sars-2 does not have as much in store as what it has shown us so far. “

Coronaviruses mutated more slowly and less strongly than flu viruses, for example. These actually have a much greater pandemic potential. He doesn’t worry too much about other mutations in the coronavirus:

“I can’t imagine a mutant who suddenly gives the majority of those who have been vaccinated a serious illness again.”

No herd protection with the corona virus

A pessimistic statement is also made in the interview: According to Drosten, there is no protection for unvaccinated people, even if 70, 80 or 90 percent are vaccinated. “It won’t work here. Anyone who does not get vaccinated will become infected with Sars-2. ” In contrast to herds of cattle, where this calculation comes from herd immunity and rinderpest, people do not live in herds, but have much more exchange: “And this is how viruses will spread, according to their basic ability to spread. In a few years, one hundred percent of the population will have either been vaccinated or infected. ”

Even after that, Sars-2 will still infect people, but these will no longer be initial infections. “The first infection is the stupid thing, after that the illness that causes it is less bad. It will probably be a kind of, yes, I want to say: catch a cold. “