Couple has 20 babies in just over a year and wants to reach one hundred

Blogger Kristina Öztürk, 23, of Russian origin, and her husband, Turkish transport and hotel magnate Galip Ozturk Galip, had 20 babies in just over a year thanks to the use of surrogates.

Interestingly and according to the Mirror newspaper, the family does not rule out having more. In fact, they want to be able to have 100 children in their family

Galip and Kristina welcomed Mustafa, their first baby in March 2020, and then decided to continue the practice because, as Kristina Öztürk pointed out, the two shared a desire to have a big family.

The two say they have paid around 9,000 euros for each pregnancy. Children are between four and 14 months old. In addition, the couple has 16 internal babysitters and spends more than 78,000 euros on them each year.

The story of this blogger and her millionaire husband first went viral last winter, when the couple had just 11 children.

Then, they explained that an assistance clinic will take care of the entire process so that the two reach their goal of having 100 children before the age of 30.

The clinic itself is in charge of selecting pregnant women and carrying out the entire process.

I’m planning my pregnancy, but not right away, because now I need to be close to my babies”, Kristina told the Mirror, who before meeting her current husband was already mother to Victoria, who is now six.

In Georgia, the country where the couple lives, it is legal to hire a surrogate and the cost is around 8,000 and 9,000 euros.


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