Coupe de France (16th round): Relive the multiplex

01/21 at 20:15 Thank you all for following this multiplex with us. See you in a few moments on our site for the last match of this Saturday between Strasbourg Koenigshoffen and Angers! 01/21 at 20:13 We review the scores of this multiplex. SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1): 1-1 (1-4 at TAB); Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2): 0-4; Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2): 0-0 (4-5 at TAB); Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1): 0-3; Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2): 0-1; Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1): 2-0. 01/21 at 20:11 BOISSIER DELIVERS HIS OWN, RODEZ QUALIFIES IN HIS TURN AGAINST PAYS DE GRASSE! 01/21 at 20:10 Boissier (RAF) has qualification at the end of its foot! 01/21 at 20:10 The cross strike from the right of the Grassois captain is captured by Cibois! Rodez now has the ball for qualification! 01/21 at 20:09 Medjian (CEO) will strike in turn. 01/21 at 20:09 He converts the penalty, 4-4! 01/21 at 20:09 Younoussa (RAF) is the next shooter for Rodez. 01/21 at 20:08 Despite the good choice of Cibois, Chatelain transforms his penalty with the left foot in the middle! 01/21 at 20:08 Chatelain will now hit this shot on goal… 01/21 at 20:07 Pembélé finds the top corner with his right foot and allows Rodez to equalise, 3-3! 01/21 at 20:07 Pembélé (RAF) must score to allow Rodez to stay in the game! 01/21 at 20:06 Souda (CEO) had a Neymar run-up and did not put enough power in his shot, diverted by Cibois, 3-2! 01/21 at 20:06 Souda (CEO) has the ball of qualification at the end of the foot! 01/21 at 20:05 Perfect counter-foot from Danger with the right foot, 3-2! 01/21 at 20:05 Danger (RAF) approaches the penalty spot… 01/21 at 20:04 It is marked by the left side, 3-1! 01/21 at 20:04 Muratori (CEO) is about to take his penalty. 01/21 at 20:03 Abdallah crosses his shot with his left foot too much and finds the post! The Grassois still lead 2-1! 01/21 at 20:03 Abdallah (RAF) advances in turn… 01/21 at 20:03 Ako (CEO) converts his penalty for the Pays de Grasse, 2-1. 01/21 at 20:02 On the Grasse side, there is currently 1-1. 01/21 at 20:01 LORIENT QUALIFIES AND WILL FIND THE ROUND OF 16 OF THE COUPE DE FRANCE! 01/21 at 20:01 If Abergel scores this penalty, Merlus will qualify! 01/21 at 20:01 Kaiboue (SCB) forces his shot on goal too much just like a Grassois! 01/21 at 20:00 Lorient increases its lead now, 1-3! 01/21 at 20:00 The Ruténois equalize in stride against the Grassois, 1-1! 01/21 at 19:59 Mannone draws the penalty Djoco, 2-1! 01/21 at 19:58 Gazzaoui (GRA) will be the first shooter against the doorman of Rodez! It goes for him! 01/21 at 19:58 Talbi (FCL) restores the advantage to the Lorient club, 1-2! 01/21 at 19:58 Magri (SCB) equalizes for Bastia, 1-1. 01/21 at 19:57 Théo Le Bris transforms the first penalty thanks to a perfect counter-foot, 0-1. 01/21 at 19:56 Théo Le Bris (FCL) will take the first penalty of this session for Lorient, against Boucher! 01/21 at 19:55 In Bastia, the penalty shootout will take place on the other side of the ultras stand. This is not a bad thing for the Lorient people. 01/21 at 19:55 We will follow the two penalty shootouts! 01/21 at 19:53 GRASSE-RODEZ: 0-0. It’s also over between Grasse and Rodez, we’re going to fight for penalties! 01/21 at 19:53 TOULOUSE – AC AJACCIO : 2-0. It’s also over at the Stadium, the Violets win against the Ajacciens! 01/21 at 19:52 BASTIA-LORIENT: 1-1. We will go through the shots on goal between Bastiais and Lorientais! Les Merlus took the lead shortly after the hour mark through Koné before Sainati equalized 10 minutes from time. 01/21 at 19:51 PLABENNEC-GRENOBLE: 0-1. The residents of Ligue 2 take on the best on the smallest of margins and will see the knockout stages of the Coupe de France. 01/21 at 7:50 PM LES HERBIERS – REIMS: 0-3. It’s over in Vendée, the Rémois qualify quite easily against the Herbretais. 01/21 at 19:49 CHAMALIERES – PARIS FC: 0-4. Paris FC qualified for the round of 16 of the Coupe de France and joined OM and OL thanks to a victory full of control against Chamalières. 01/21 at 19:48 BASTIA – FC LORIENT: 1-1. There will be 3 minutes of additional time! 01/21 at 19:47 We went into extra time at Les Herbiers (against Reims, 0-3) and Plabennec (against Grenoble, 0-1). 01/21 at 7:45 PM 5 minutes from the end of regulation time, we take stock of the scores. SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1): 1-1; Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2): 0-4; Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2): 0-0; Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1): 0-3; Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2): 0-1; Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1): 2-0. 01/21 at 19:43 BASTIA – FC LORIENT: 1-1. Mannone is on fire at the end of the match and allows his team to keep this parity score and a potential penalty shootout. 01/21 at 19:42 BUUUUUUUUUUT FOR REIMS! Adeline takes advantage of a poorly cleared ball in the area to place a missile from the right under the bar. 01/21 at 7:40 PM For the moment, two meetings are affected by penalty shootouts if it ends in this way. 01/21 at 19:38 BUUUUUUUUUT FOR BASTIA! On a corner, the former Lorient Sainati takes advantage of a poorly cleared ball by the Morbihan defense to equalize 10 minutes from the end of the game! 01/21 at 7:35 PM BASTIA-LORIENT: 0-1. The Hakes are suffering a lot at the end of the match. The Bastiais are a hair away from an equalizer but there is always a foot or a leg to deflect the leather! 01/21 at 19:33 A quarter of an hour from the end of the matches, here are the scores! SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1): 0-1; Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2): 0-4; Grasse (N2) – Rode z(L2): 0-0; Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1): 0-2; Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2): 0-1; Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1): 2-0. 01/21 at 7:30 PM BUUUUUUUUUUT FOR PARIS FC! On a free kick, Dabila gets ahead of his defender in the penalty area and scores with a header. 01/21 at 7:30 PM GRASSE-RODEZ: 0-0. The Grassois have just touched the post for the third time in this meeting… 01/21 at 19:29 BUUUUUUUT FOR TOULOUSE! Ratao, with a magnificent curling shot from the right, doubles the bet for the Violets! 01/21 at 19:27 BUUUUUUUUUUT FOR PARIS FC! The players of Chamalières have a possibility of a free kick in front of the halfpipe of the PFC, the ball is returned by the wall before the Parisians realize an express counter, concluded by Guilavogui! 01/21 at 7:25 PM BUUUUUUUUT FOR TOULOUSE! Aboukhlal delivers the Violets against Ajaccio! The Toulouse striker is found at close range on a cross and allows Téfécé to take control of the match. 01/21 at 19:24 The point on the scores 25 minutes from the end of the matches. SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1): 0-1; Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2): 0-2; Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2): 0-0; Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1): 0-2; Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2): 0-1; Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1): 0-0. 01/21 at 19:21 BUUUUUUUUUUUT FOR FC LORIENT! Huge recovery from Sainati, Koné takes advantage of it and overtakes Boucher before scoring in the empty goal! In the aftermath, the striker inherits a silly yellow card for having chambered the supporters after his goal. 01/21 at 19:20 BUUUUUUUUUUT FOR REIMS! Flips makes the break for the SDR! Alerted to the left corner of the penalty area, the attacker controls the leather, delays and places a superb floating curl under the crossbar. 01/21 at 19:19 BASTIA-LORIENT: 0-0. Shortly after the hour mark, the Hakes picked up the pace and put more and more pressure on Boucher’s cage. 01/21 at 19:17 We arrive at the hour of play, no goal to report in this second period. Reminder of results: SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1): 0-0; Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2): 0-2; Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2): 0-0; Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1): 0-1; Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2): 0-1; Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1): 0-0. 01/21 at 19:16 BASTIA-LORIENT: 0-0. Innocent (FCL) has been replaced by Le Goff. 01/21 at 19:11 PLABENNEC-GRENOBLE: 0-1. First change for the Breton club, operated by Laurent David. Grellier comes into play in place of N°9, Billy. 01/21 at 19:10 PLABENNEC-GRENOBLE: 0-1. The Bretons started again in this second period. They put pressure on the Grenoble residents. 01/21 at 19:08 TOULOUSE-AJACCIO: 0-0. First change for the ACA, Gonzalez, warned in the 8th minute, gives way to Clément Vidal. 01/21 at 19:06 LES HERBIERS – REIMS: 0-1. The Rémois are saved on their line by their goalkeeper Diouf! It was very limited… 01/21 at 19:05 GRASSE-RODEZ: 0-0. It also starts on the side of Grasse. 01/21 at 19:04 TOULOUSE-AJACCIO: 0-0. Here we go again at the Toulouse Stadium, everything remains to be done! 01/21 at 19:04 CHAMALIERES – PARIS FC: 0-2. Both teams started the second act! 01/21 at 19:03 BASTIA-LORIENT: 0-0. Here we go again in Corsica, no change to report on either side. 01/21 at 19:02 LES HERBIERS – REIMS: 0-1. The second period has begun! 01/21 at 19:01 PLABENNEC-GRENOBLE: 0-1. It’s back to Brittany! 01/21 at 19:01 All the teams are starting to return to the lawns. 01/21 at 6:50 PM Here are the results at the break: SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1): 0-0; Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2): 0-2; Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2): 0-0; Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1): 0-1; Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2): 0-1; Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1): 0-0. 01/21 at 6:50 PM GRASSE-RODEZ: 0-0. Still no goal between Grasse and Rodez, it’s halftime. 01/21 at 18:49 TOULOUSE-AJACCIO: 0-0. The two L1 teams did not find the target at the break. 01/21 at 18:49 BASTIA-LORIENT: 0-0. Score zero and blank at the break in Corsica. The two teams neutralize each other. Hakes are not as dominating as one might think. 01/21 at 18:48 CHAMALIERES – PARIS FC: 0-2. It is also the break in the Puy-de-Dôme, the Parisians dominate their subject despite a succession of scares shortly before their opening of the score. The Chamalières goalkeeper had to be replaced, Odin came into play. 01/21 at 18:47 LES HERBIERS – REIMS: 0-1. It’s half-time in Vendée, the Rémois dominate their opponent for the moment thanks to a penalty from Balogun. 01/21 at 18:46 PLABENNEC-GRENOBLE: 0-1. It’s the break in Brittany, the locals are led by the Grenoble residents! 01/21 at 6:45 PM We go in the last seconds of the first half on all lawns. 01/21 at 6:45 PM We haven’t talked about it much since the start of the match, but FC Lorient has all the trouble in the world to be dangerous against the Bastais. 01/21 at 18:41 BUUUUUUUUUUT FOR PARIS FC! Lopez enters the penalty area slightly to the right, he draws a missile from the right that Odin can only slow down… The PFC doubles the lead less than 5 minutes from rest. 01/21 at 18:39 There are 5 minutes left on all lawns. Here are the results : SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1): 0-0; Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2): 0-1; Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2): 0-0; Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1): 0-1; Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2): 0-1; Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1): 0-0. 01/21 at 18:37 BUUUUUUUUT FOR REIMS! Balogun takes goalkeeper Pillot the wrong way! Will Still’s players race in the lead. 01/21 at 18:36 PENALTY FOR REIMS! Balogun rushes into the area accompanied by a defender, he waits for the exit of the goalkeeper and falls after a collision with the doorman. The player on loan from Arsenal will try to convert the sentence. 01/21 at 18:31 Here are the results of these six matches at the half hour mark. SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1): 0-0; Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2): 0-1; Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2): 0-0; Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1): 0-0; Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2): 0-1; Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1): 0-0. 01/21 at 6:30 p.m. BUUUUUUUUT FOR PARIS FC! It’s terrible for Chamalières! Kevin Pradier’s men chained three big chances then were surprised on a counter in stride, with Caddy at the finish. 01/21 at 18:29 We arrive quietly at half an hour of play. 01/21 at 18:28 Only one small goal scored in these six games, it is in Brittany in Plabennec where Grenoble leads against the resident of N3. 01/21 at 18:26 CHAMALIERES – PARIS FC: 0-0. THE BIG OPPORTUNITY FOR CHAMALIÈRES! Mai, served on a long ball, enters the area but loses his duel against Demarconnay. 01/21 at 6:25 PM BASTIA-LORIENT: 0-0. THE CROSS BAR FOR SPORTING! Magnificent overflow on the right side of Van Den Kerkhof who, at close range, tries his luck instead of crossing. His shot smashes the upright… 01/21 at 18:23 CHAMALIERES – PARIS FC: 0-0. Touched after a shock, Fournier, the goalkeeper of Chamalières, is not able to regain his place. Quentin Odin (21) comes into play. 01/21 at 18:19 CHAMALIERES – PARIS FC: 0-0. The doorman of Chamalières, Fournier, suffered a shock and was hit. He is going out to be treated, to see now if he can resume his place. 01/21 at 18:17 GRASSE-RODEZ: 0-0. The post for Grasse! The Ruténois were hot, Cibois wonderfully diverted this head on his left post… 01/21 at 18:16 Here are the results of these six matches at the quarter-hour mark. SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1): 0-0; Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2): 0-0; Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2): 0-0; Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1): 0-0; Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2): 0-1; Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1): 0-0. 01/21 at 18:12 BUUUUUUUUUUT FOR GRENOBLE! At the entrance to the area, Sbai tries his luck with his right foot, the ball bounces just in front of the goalkeeper before spinning into the small left net. The Whites and Blues opened the scoring in the 12th minute. 01/21 at 18:10 TOULOUSE – AC AJACCIO : 0-0. Oumar Gonzalez (ACA) inherited the game’s first yellow card. The Violets had a big chance but the Corsicans are vigilant at the start of the game. 01/21 at 18:08 We have passed the first five minutes of play, nothing to report for the moment in these six Coupe de France matches. 01/21 at 18:04 As we recall, a little earlier in the afternoon, Olympique Lyonnais easily dismissed Chambéry (3-0) with a hat-trick from Alexandre Lacazette. 01/21 at 18:03 LET’S GO ON ALL THE LAWNS! 01/21 at 17:58 We repeat, there is no more extension in the event of a tie at the end of 90 minutes. 01/21 at 17:58 All the teams enter the lawns! The official kick-off is scheduled in 3 minutes! 01/21 at 17:57 GRASSE – RODEZ. Here is Grasse’s starting XI (3-5-2): Camus – Camara, Corain, Muratori – Gazzaoui, Ako, Medjian, Souda, Chatelain – Puel, Gueye. Substitutes: Antognelli, Atarsia, Badalassi, Djelassi, Fernandez, Grandemange, Lohoues, Rolando, Roperti. Coach: Loïc Chabas. Here is Rodez’s starting XI (3-5-2): Cibois – Mouyokolo, Vandenabeele, Abdullah – Senaya, Boissier, Rajot, Valerio, Boma – White, Mendes. Substitutes: Pain, Raux Yao, Danger, Buades, Younoussa, Broker, Far. Coach: Didier Santini. 01/21 at 17:52 PLABENNEC-GRENOBLE. Here is Plabennec’s starting XI (5-3-2): Fontaine – Carneiro, Pinvidic, Abily, Le Roux, Guillou – Bourhis, Kujabi, Le Goff – Mourdi, Madec. Replacements: Corbe, Elin, Guegan, Laurent, Laviec, Le Saos, Lobe, Simane, Uguen. Trainer: Nicolas Cloarec. Here is Grenoble’s starting XI (3-4-1-2): Salles – Gaspar, Nestor, Benet – Paquiez, Monfray, Bambock, Mangane – Phaeton – Sbai, Ba. Substitutes: Correa, Diarra, Gersbach, Inikurogha, Jeno, Maubleu, Nery, Tell, Touray. Coach: Vincent Hognon. 01/21 at 17:48 THE HERBARIUMS – REIMS. Here is the starting lineup of Les Herbiers (4-3-3): Pillot – Jousselin, A. Lavenant, Brelivet, Plisson – P. Lavenant, Seydi, Lesage – Da Veiga, Billy, Matondo. Replacements: Caillaud, Carneiro, Genty, Grellier, Koukou, Mohimont, Ndiaye, Temmar, Traoré. Trainer: Laurent David. Here is Reims’ starting XI (4-4-2): Diouf – Busi, Gravillon, Abdelhamid, Doumbia – Foket, Munetsi, Lopy, Guitane – Flips, Balogun. Substitutes: Adeline, Agbadou, Ito, Locko, Matusiwa, Penneteau, Sierhuis, Zeneli. Coach : Will Still. 01/21 at 17:44 CHAMALIERES – PARIS FC. Here is the starting lineup for Chamalières (4-2-3-1): Fournier – Guehennec, Chapel, Night, Gomes – Bouvier, Dodier – Couderc, May, Dibane – Dance. Substitutes: Barras, Bekili, Da Silva, Gery, Gnalega, Kuyenga, Loties, Odin, Tressy. Coach : Kevin Pradier. Here is the starting lineup of Paris FC (4-2-3-1): Demarconnay – Chergui, Gueho, Dabila, Hanin – Mason, Lasne – Lopez, Iglesias, Guilavogui – Caddy. Substitutes: Bacha, Bernauer, Gory, Core, Lefort, Mandouki, Mbala, Nkambadio. Coach: Thierry Laurey. 01/21 at 17:38 TOULOUSE – AC AJACCIO. Here is Toulouse’s starting XI (4-3-3): Haug – Kamanzi, Nicolaisen, Costa, Sylla – Dejaegere, Tsingaras, Chaibi – Birmancevic, Dallinga, Aboukhlal. Remplaçants : Restes, Desler, Zandén, Diarra, Spierings, Skytta, Onaiwu, Begraoui, Ratao. Coach : Philippe Montanier. Here is Ajaccio’s starting XI (4-4-2): Sollacaro – Youssouf, Gonzalez, Avinel, Alphonse – Bayala, Mangani, Chabrolle, Nouri – Moussiti-Oko, Botué. Substitutes: Leroy, Victor Lebas, Vidal, Ruan Levine, Chegra, Paolo Lebas, Soumano. Coach: Oliver Pantaloni. 01/21 at 17:27 SC BASTIA – FC LORIENT. Here is Bastia’s starting XI (3-4-1-2): Boucher – Sainati, Dramé, Guidi – Van Den Kerkhof, Ducrocq, Kaïboue, Tavares – Salles-Lamonge, Alfarela – Santelli. Substitutes: Placide, Palun, Roncaglia, Baï, Janneh, Schur, Djoco, Magri. Coach: Régis Brouard. FC Lorient starting XI (4-2-3-1): Mannone – Silva, Meite, Talbi, Yongwa Ngameni – Abergel, Innoncent – Diarra, Auchiche, Cathline – Cone. Substitutes: Bartouche-Selbonne, Le Goff, Matsima, Mbeleck, Ponceau, T. Le Bris, Boisgard, Doucouré, Grbic. Coach : Regis Le Bris. 01/21 at 17:23 Right away, the starting compositions! 01/21 at 17:22 TOULOUSE – AC AJACCIO. This meeting between L1 teams will take place at the Stadium des Violets. For the occasion, François Letexier will be on the whistle. The Toulousains did not have to force their talent against Lannion in the previous round (7-1) when the Ajacciens had a little more trouble against the Jura Sud (2-1). 01/21 at 17:20 PLABENNEC-GRENOBLE. This match will take place at the Stade de Kervéguen and Marc Bollengier will be the referee for this match. The Plabennecois beat Vannes Olympique Club in the previous round (2-0) while Grenoble got the better of another L2 resident, Nîmes (1-0). 01/21 at 17:18 THE HERBARIUMS – REIMS. The Herbiers receive this evening and the match will be played on their ground, at the Massabielle stadium. Mathieu Vernice will be the man in black. Les Herbretais beat Stade Pontivyen (4-1) in the last Coupe de France match while Les Rémois made short work of Loon Plage (7-0). 01/21 at 17:16 GRASSE – RODEZ. The match between Grasse and Rodez will be played at the Stade de la Paoute in Cannes. Jérémy Stinat will be the official referee. The Grassois took the best of the Tamponnaise in the 32nd finals (1-0) when Rodez achieved the feat of beating Monaco at the Louis II stadium (2-3). 01/21 at 17:14 CHAMALIERES – PARIS FC. This meeting is played at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium in Clermont. Florent Batta will officiate during this match. The team from Chamalières, a town of 18,000 inhabitants of Puy-de-Dôme, beat Bourges in the previous round (1-0) while Thierry Laurey’s men beat Valenciennes (3-1). 01/21 at 17:11 SC BASTIA – FC LORIENT. The match is played at the Armand Cesari stadium in Corsica, the referee of the match is Mr Wattelier. Sporting players beat Evreux in the previous round (2-1) while Lorient easily disposed of Chataîgneraie (6-0). 01/21 at 17:09 We will now present the encounters. 01/21 at 17:08 After the multiplex, we will find ourselves in stride for the match between Strasbourg Koenigshoffen (R1) and Angers (L1) which will kick off at 8:45 p.m. 01/21 at 17:07 Here is the program of these six matches. SC Bastia (L2) – FC Lorient (L1); Chamalières (N2) – Paris FC (L2); Grasse (N2) – Rodez (L2); Les Herbiers (N2) – Reims (L1); Plabennec (N3) – Grenoble (L2); Toulouse (L1) – AC Ajaccio (L1). 01/21 at 17:05 Naturally, multiplex requires, I will warn you at each goal of these six meetings. 01/21 at 17:05 Hello everyone, I am delighted to welcome you on this Saturday, January 21 to follow live and in full, the multiplex of the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. The kick-off of these meetings is scheduled for 6 p.m. 01/21 at 10:15 Hello and welcome to our site to follow the multiplex of the sixteenth finals of the Coupe de France live (6 matches) at 6:00 p.m.



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