Coup against the “Los Romero” gang: four people are arrested

Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), along with other forces, arrested four people for extortion and shooting, in the framework of two raids carried out in the northern zone linked to the usurpation of a home and threats. The detainees are linked to the gang known as “Los Romero”, whose leader is in custody.

The investigation began after a complaint from the owner of a house who had had to abandon her property after a shooting attack by two men on January 11. Prior to the shooting, the woman, who lived on the property with her children, had received harassment and threats to force her to leave the property.

Adrián Galigani, the new Rosario police chief.  He will lead the tenth Rosario leadership of the management of Omar Perotti.

The Regional Unit II has a new boss: Adrián Galigani took over, the tenth in the Perotti management

The corner of Felipe Moré and Casilda, where three young people were shot.

Ludueña: a house shot and three injured in different events signed by “the mafia”

The threats were face to face at the door of the house and in one of the intimidations they said that they came from Hernán Ramón, known as “Lichi Romero”, leader of the Rosario narcocriminal gang “Los Romero”, who is in custody. .

One of the raids was carried out at a house on Calle Bello at 3900. The police entered a property at the end of a corridor where three young adults lived.

Upon entering the house, they found two motorcycles that had an arrest warrant and would have been used to carry out the shooting attack in the woman’s house. A 45mm caliber pistol was also found. in one of the rooms. The three people were arrested for possession of the weapon and for the theft of the two motorcycles.

The other raid was carried out in Pasaje Oria at 4000, in a house very close to the previous one. In that place, the policemen arrested Sebastián B., 31 years old, indicated as the author of the shootings.

As a result of the operations, the police authorities seized a 45-caliber pistol with 50 bullets and its charger, two cell phones and two motorcycles: a Brava 110cc and a Honda 125cc.

The raids were carried out by the AIC with the collaboration of the special groups GOT and GAT, of the Ministry of Security of Santa Fe.



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