“Counterfire technique” prevented the growth of Marmaris fire

The “counter fire technique” used to prevent and extinguish the spread of large fires also worked in the Marmaris fire and the further growth of the fire was prevented.

The “counterfire technique” has become one of the most important methods to stop forest fires.

Every method was applied against Marmaris fire

Every method was used to stop the fire, which spread over an area of ​​5 thousand hectares in Muğla Marmaris.

One of them was the counterfire technique. This method worked and the flames were stopped.

‘counterfire technique’ prevented the growth of Marmaris fire VIDEO

With fire against the direction of arrival, the progression of flames is prevented.

This method, which is used in large fires, is applied by expert teams.

Speaking to TRT Haber, Marmaris Forestry Operations Manager Akın Ünler said, “It is based on the progress of the main fire, which comes from the front with a great burning energy by giving fire in front of the front we created with the sprinklers, combined with the controlled burned area, thus weakening it and preventing the fire.” He continued by saying:

The 'counterfire technique' prevented the growth of the Marmaris fire #2

“A big disaster is averted with a small loss”

“It is an important fire extinguishing method. So there may be a misunderstanding here. It is true that you burned the forest, but the aim here is to prevent a major disaster with a small loss.”

Thanks to the counterfire, the burning of a larger area in Marmaris was prevented. This method was also applied in the great fire that occurred last year.

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The 'counterfire technique' prevented the growth of the Marmaris fire #3

What is the counter fire technique?

The purpose of this method, which is used to extinguish large forest fires, is to end the advancing fire. Its simplest definition is to use fire against fire. This may confuse you.

You may think that starting a fire against the fire will make the fire even bigger. However, the method used by experts is seriously effective against fire.

The 'counterfire technique' prevented the Marmaris fire from growing #4

How to apply the counter fire technique

“Counterfire”, which is one of the Forest Fire Extinguishing Techniques, is a method frequently used by experts in the subject.

It helps to cut the energy of the oncoming fire, it is a very effective technique when done in a controlled and on-site.

Experts who know this technique create a safety path parallel to the wind before ignition. Ignition takes place along this path. Thus, the fire coming from the other direction is slowed down along this line and splashing is prevented.

'counterfire technique' prevented the growth of Marmaris fire #5

Things to pay attention:

  • Ignition should be done along the control line created parallel to the wind.

  • Used in heavily flammable materials

  • Very little scorching occurs in the trees.

  • In addition, the prolongation of the burning period due to the internal roads opened and the slow progress of the fire increase the cost relatively.

  • Control lines opened according to the wind direction cannot be used in case the wind changes direction.

  • The wind speed in the stand must be constant.

  • Incineration cannot be carried out in conditions where the moisture of fine combustible material falls below 20 percent.

  • In order for the fire to continue uninterrupted, the continuity of the combustible material must be good.

  • Only one person should do the ignition.

The 'counterfire technique' prevented the Marmaris fire from growing #6



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