Could a ‘Boston-flavored’ second tier help the Canadiens sign Jordan Harris?

One of the big files on the table of Jeff Gorton and his GM Kent Hughes is that of friend Jordan Harris. The hope of the Canadian, who could become a free agent this summer, does not necessarily seem in the process of signing in Montreal.

Marc Bergevin, while he was in office, had even declared “not being able to do much” if Harris wanted to look elsewhere. Negotiations with Hope’s agent were going nowhere.

When we see the CH going so badly, we can say to ourselves that the guy could see himself taking a place, but we can say to ourselves that he perhaps wants, on the contrary, a better club.

And there, I did not talk about the health restrictions in Quebec, which can slow down many free agents.

All that to say that new blood in the file, it can’t hurt. And when we look at the composition of the new management tandem in charge, we can say that yes, the two men can hope to make a difference.

If Harris wants nothing to do with signing here, Hughes and Gorton won’t change anything. That said, if he’s undecided, they can tell the difference.

Hughes knows Harris well to have him coached when he was younger. He also plays with his two sons in college, which helps bond with the family.

Hughes, who chose to leave Boston to move to Montreal, may be able to find the words to convince the hopeful to do the same. Who knows?

As for Gorton, he is a guy from Boston (who has spent the last 15 years in New York, that said) and he too could find the words to convince the youngster to move to Quebec and sign with Montreal. Could Boston sauce help the Canadian to his advantage?

Note also that the VP of CH chatted with the young man two weeks ago and that the meeting was positive.

Will this be proof of everything? Not necessarily, no. However, it may influence their decision. And maybe Kent Hughes’ two sons know something about it too?

We must add that Jayden Struble, hope of the Canadian, recently said that he often talks about Montreal with his university teammate, but has no idea if he wants to sign with the Canadian.

He has no idea or he doesn’t want to say it?

So no, we don’t know if all this will make a difference. That said, when a team has such a prospect, everything counts when it comes to convincing him to sign with the team that drafted him.

A lot of

– The new management will have work to do.

“Happy birthday, Kaiden.

– Speaking of the wolf.

– Not ideal, let’s say.

– Hard blow in Toronto.



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