Costco no longer checks the ticket; change old practice for this novelty

  • Costco is one of the leading brands in the price club segment and has established itself in Mexico due to the offer it has.

  • With the innovation in the operations of its resources, Costco has become a key chain in retail and in the measures that this industry implements against criminal practices.

  • Changes in the practices carried out by retail brands such as reviewing the purchase receipt have set a very important example in the way in which the consumer is integrated.

according to Genaro Lozanowho is a well-known influencer who exposes the practices in his chain of favorite price clubs, no longer checks the merchandise that is bought when leaving the store, now he only scans the purchase receipt, a practice that stores such as Bodega Aurrerá implemented at the time, but stopped doing after the Profeco alert, so that they would stop carrying out this practice.

The also host of Foro TV assured that the change took him by surprise and with it a very controversial but apparently necessary practice has been digitizeddue to the large amount of theft and loss of inventory that is not paid within these stores.

Costco and the ticket review

The challenge of brands like Costco in the face of the loss of their inventory, it is patented day after day with cases that we can see on social networks, where the same thing is captured of women and men stealing products, that the cashiers of these chains forgetting to check out certain products, due to the way in which that are placed in the shopping cart.

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The efforts that other brands such as Bodega Aurrerá have implemented have led these stores to place theft sensors on foods such as cheese.which gives an idea of ​​the volume of losses recorded in these premises.

With anti-theft technology

Brands like Amazon have gone further when it comes to patenting a technology-influenced shopping experience, which thought in detail has led to the construction of cashier-free stores and ticket of purchase, where specialized hardware allows consumers with an account on the platform to enter the Jeff Bezos store and buy even without using the wallet, everything is solved from the Amazon app.

The experience has become an important case of how to create new consumer ecosystems and from these reduce bad consumer practices at the point of sale.

Within retail, a very interesting key point has been established and it is the impact of technology within this segment.

retail and consumer

Retail is not only a victim of the bad consumer as happened with Costco, advertising activations have also been victims of crime in Mexico, as we reported with the theft of the props that Netflix used to promote Stranger Things in Oxxo.

DThis case becomes an example of how important it is to communicate and the most valuable thing in it, the new capacity that exists in brands to have to adopt security protocols, to face eventualities.

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