Corsair now also with a display in the Wakü

When looking for compact water cooling, you can hardly make up your mind because of the sheer selection, the offer has shot through the roof in the last 2 years. Not only that every manufacturer presents tons of new models, but also older, sometimes very good versions are still on the market.

Due to the great competition, manufacturers try to outdo each other with an interesting look and ever larger feature package. In addition to more and more RGB effects, the display in the water cooling was the last big feature that was integrated by several manufacturers. Corsair now also has AIO water cooling with a display in its range.

After we have already looked at the current high-end model of the AIOS from Corsair, the H170i Elite Cappelix, the new version with the very similar model name Corsair iCUE H170i Elite LCD follows today

The new water cooling also offers a 420 mm radiator, relies on the new ML Elite 140 mm fans and, as the name suggests, an LCD display. The latter, in combination with the iCUE software, gives the user new possibilities to adapt his AIO exactly to his wishes and to make it even more “beautiful”. Also very interesting and customer-friendly, Corsair also offers the display as a separate upgrade kit for owners of H170i and H150i & H100i Capellix AIOs. So if you want your display, you don’t have to buy a completely new wakü.

In terms of price, also due to the current delivery bottlenecks, the H170i Elite LCD is currently well over 300 euros. We don’t know if and when the prices will change here.

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But apart from the price, the features are of course reason enough for us to take a closer look at the new high-end cooling with display and compare it with other models.

Die Corsair Hydro iCUE H170i ELITE LCD

Apart from the display and the newer fans, the LCD version of the H170i Elite is pretty much the same as the H170i Elite Capellix that we have already tested. A 420 mm aluminum radiator with a thickness of 27 mm in black, two 40 cm long and black sleeved hoses and a black pump unit form a stylish design. The hoses are fixed to the pump unit with joints. Thermal paste is already applied for the first use and the contact surface is made of copper.

The new special feature is the removable display module, which measures 2.1 “and has a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels. In addition to graphic gimmicks, system data, a lot of which iCUE can evaluate, can be displayed via ICUE or your own GIFs, photos or even videos can be displayed.

Nothing stands in the way of a particularly individually designed setup. The display is also enclosed by an RGB ring, which can be adjusted separately via iCUE and fires the optics even further. Due to the display, you need two internal USB 2.0 ports in addition to the included controller, Fortunately, Corsair includes a switch here.

Another innovation are the built-in ML 140 Elite fans. In addition to a speed range from 400 to 1600, these now also offer a design adapted to the newer products from Corsair.

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The fans are now a bit angular and crisp in design, anti-vibration pads are now embedded in the corners. In addition, the fans also have a 0 rpm mode, as is already known from the H170i Capellix. Eight LEDs ensure uniform and great illumination of the rotor blades during operation.

An iCUE Commander Core is included in the scope of delivery so that the advantages of the iCUE software can be used correctly. This can be fixed in the housing with two adhesive strips. With the Commander, up to six PWM fans and up to six iCUE RGB products can be controlled via iCUE software. This also applies to the display.

The advantage here is obvious, you are equally equipped for other Corsair products. The disadvantage is also clear, the AIO cannot be used without the controller, as Corsair relies on an in-house connection for the power supply of the pump unit. A free SATA power connector is required to supply power to the controller and two free internal USB 2.0 ports are required for data transfer. At most, the fans can be controlled via the mainboard.

The iCUE software itself offers many possibilities to adjust the lighting and the display as well as the speed of fans and pumps. While you can also create your own speed curves for fans, the setting options for the pump are unfortunately a little too short.

In our opinion, there should have been more than three profiles here. On the other hand, we really like the ZERO mode for the ML fans. Profiles that can be stored and the reading of various sensors round off the overall package.

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Specifications of the cooler

  • AMD-Sockel: AM4/AM3/FM2/FM1/TR4
  • INTEL-Sockel: LGA775,115x/1200/2011-3/2066/1366/1700
  • Dimensions 397mm x 120mm x 27mm
  • Dimensions cooling block: 65 mm
  • Hose length: 400 mm
  • Hose material: rubber
  • Hose sleeve: Yes in black
  • Power dissipation:
  • Weight: approx.
  • Construction radiator: 420
  • Radiatormaterial: -Aluminium
  • Base plate: solid copper
  • Cooling block material: copper
  • Pump type:
  • Pump speed: 2300-2700 RPM
  • Color: black
  • Display: 480 x 480 px 2,1“
  • Lighting: Yes on the cooling block
  • Lighting connection: Corsair iCUE
  • RGB voltage: –
  • RGB compatible with No.
  • Fan assembly radiator: 1, 2, 3
  • Special features: iCUE support

Fan specifications

  • Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25 mm
  • Name: Corsair ML140 Elite
  • Operating voltage: 12
  • Bearings: Magnetic levitation bearings
  • Speed ​​range: 0/400 – 1,600 RPM (PWM)
  • Connector: PWM
  • Antivibrationspads: Ja
  • Fan assembly: screws
  • RGB: iCUE
  • Fan clips Compatible with other fans: Yes
  • Static pressure: ?
  • Throughput:?

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