Corpse of the beached whale at Fonte da Telha has already been removed

“It was completely removed at 5:00 pm”, said Diogo Vieira Branco, in statements to the Lusa agency, referring to the body of the sperm whale, which ended up dying at 9:30 pm on Friday.

The transport of the corpse of this “large animal – a sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus), measuring 14.8 meters and an estimated weight of 15 tons”, according to information from the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) – was in charge of the services of the Municipality of Almada. It was necessary to dismember the animal and resort to heavy machinery.

Within the scope of these works, the area where the animal was deposited on the beach at Fonte da Telha was prohibited from bathing until 17:00, by indication of the health delegate, said the person in charge of the Port of Lisbon, adding that at the end of later there is no limitation in this regard.

It is also possible to go to baths “without any restrictions”.

The blood that remained on the beach due to the dismemberment of the animal has also been “fully diluted” in the sea, with no sign of a reddish color of water, revealed the captain of the Port of Lisbon.

On Friday night, Diogo Vieira Branco reported that “the animal died around 9:30 pm and that the procedures for removing the carcass began later, under the coordination of the Municipality of Almada”, noting that it would not be “an operation easy”, given the dimensions of the animal and the characteristics of the terrain.

On Friday, around 19:00, the ICNF had already admitted that the animal could end up dying, due to injuries caused by a possible collision with a vessel.

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In statements to Lusa, biologist Marina Sequeira reinforced that, “if not for the injuries it has, an animal that has suffered a collision hardly survives”, and assured that, despite this indication, all possible efforts were made to save the whale. sperm whale

The Maritime Police were informed around 09:00 on Friday of the existence of a whale near the beach of Fonte da Telha.

After the attempt to send it to the sea, in collaboration with the ICNF, was unsuccessful, the animal ended up stranded on the beach.

The ICNF will perform a necropsy on the animal’s corpse on Monday.



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