The US vaccine manufacturer Moderna has completed the registration process for clinical phase 3 of its corona vaccine, as the company announced on Thursday Press release announced.

A total of 30,000 volunteers had registered for the final clinical test phase, 25,650 of whom had already received a second dose of the vaccine. The company said it had slowed down the registration process in September in order to have more minorities represented in the total number of test subjects.

The vaccine will be reviewed for safety over the next two months. If the potential benefits of the vaccine outweigh the possible risks, an application for emergency approval would be made from the US Medicines Agency, according to the announcement.

4.5 million cans for Switzerland

In August, Switzerland signed a contract with Moderna for 4.5 million vaccine doses. The prerequisite, however, is that the vaccine has successfully passed the clinical test phase and is approved for the Swiss market. Because two doses are expected to be needed, 2.25 million people could be vaccinated with it.

Moderna’s vaccine is gene-based and based on a novel technology. It is still unclear whether it is safe and efficient. The Swiss group Lonza produces the main active ingredient of the vaccination on behalf of Moderna in its plants in the USA and in Visp VS.