Coronavirus, UK: over 18 thousand infections. In France 13 thousand. Brigitte Macron in solitary confinement. In Belgium “we have lost control”

The advance of the pandemic does not stop in Europe and especially in Great Britain, where 18,804 cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours and 80 deaths. The Wales from Friday enters lockdown for two weeks. It also alarms the situation in Belgium, which has recorded more than 700 infections per 100,000 people in the past 14 days. This is the second worst European record after the Czech Republic. So much so that the Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke admits that the government has lost control over pandemic: “We are really very close to one tsunami – he has declared -. The fact is, we no longer control what is happening. We are the worst affected region in all Europe”.

The Germany passes from over 7800 infections on Saturday to 4,325 new positives of the last 24 hours, but it must be remembered that the closing of the laboratories during the weekend. A habitual decrease also in France due to slow data flow a Public health during the weekend: according to tonight’s data, they were 13.243, compared to 29,837 yesterday. The rate of positivity of tests is 13.4%, i deaths – between hospitals, nursing homes and institutions for the disabled – there were 146. The total number of victims since 1 March rises to 33,623. The president’s wife Emmanuel Macron, Brigitte, is asymptomatic and in isolation for a week after coming into contact with a Covid-19 positive person with symptoms on Thursday 15 October. In Romania one in three swabs is positive and the government has decided to close schools from tomorrow, in Brazil the contagion curve falls while with 16 thousand cases the Russia marks the record since the beginning of the pandemic.

And yesterday the United States – which so far have 8 million cases and over 218 thousand victims – have registered 69 thousand positives, the highest number since last July 29 when 71,300 positives were recorded. Last week the daily average was 55 thousand contagion, with a 50% increase compared to that of September. Overall, in the world, the cases of Covid-19 have exceeded 40 million (40,050,902) and are 1,113,750 victims.

Austria – It will limit the meetings private to a maximum of six people indoors and 12 outdoors. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz reported that the new restrictions will take effect on Friday and that professional events such as matches of football and works lyrics will only be possible with places assigned, in compliance with the obligation to wear masks and the ban on serving food e drinks. A maximum of one thousand people will be allowed indoors and 1,500 outdoors. Kurz acknowledged that the new restrictions are unpopular, but necessary.

Belgium – Twelve thousand cases: this is the record of infections recorded last Tuesday. Over 10 thousand people died in the country with around 11.5 million inhabitants. To counter the surge in cases, the government ordered the closure of all cases on Friday bar, coffee and restaurants and imposed a curfew between the midnight and 5 in the morning. Furthermore, where possible, it is mandatory to work from home. The new restrictions are effective from today. If calculated on a weekly average, the infections increased by 80 per cent: the country recorded more than 7,800 infections every day in the period between 9 and 15 October, compared to 4,400 the previous week. The number of serious cases is also rapidly increasing: on average, more than 250 people were hospitalized every day last week, pushing the country’s health system to its limits.

Russia – The increase in covid infections does not stop. In the last 24 hours, 15,982 new cases have been registered, the highest number since the start of pandemic. In total, 1,415,316 people were positive in Russia.

Slovenia – Proclaimed the “state of epidemic“: For 30 days starting from today. The decision of the government, arrived in the night as reported by the agency Sta, paves the way for the adoption of measures at local and regional level to counter the spread of the coronavirus. The country, with 2.08 million inhabitants, has registered 13,142 cases with 188 deaths since the beginning of the health emergency. On Saturday, Slovenia reported 726 new cases of coronavirus and Sunday 897.

Romania – Starting tomorrow, the schools will remain closed while the use of the mask it will also be mandatory outdoors. Also closed restaurants e cinema. Measurements were taken after a Bucharest the threshold of 3 infected per thousand inhabitants (3.02) has been exceeded and after that the percentage of positive ai tampons it was 30.6% in the last 24 hours (2,466 out of just 8040 tests performed). In an official note, the president Klaus Iohannis he criticized the delay with which these measures were taken in the face of the worrying data of the last two weeks. Out of just 8,040 tests carried out in the last 24 hours, 2,466 were positive (30.6%). These data confirm the always alarming situation in the Balkan country, struggling like other countries in the region with a rapid spread of the coronavirus in this second wave. Since yesterday there have been another 57 deaths with 757 patients currently hospitalized in intensive care. TO Bucharest, according to local media reports, the threshold of 3 cases per thousand inhabitants has been exceeded. An announcement of the government on new restrictive measures to deal with the further spread of the pandemic.

Poland – In the national stadium of Warsaw the first is under construction field hospital for the sick of coronavirus which should, in a first phase, offer 500 beds for Covid-19 patients. The construction was entrusted to the army. The news was confirmed by Michal Dworczyk of the Chancellery of the premier, responsible for the construction. On Sunday 8536 new coronavirus infections were recorded in Poland, the victims were 49. On Saturday the number of new cases was 9622, 84 deaths. The National Stadium of Warsaw it was built for the 2012 European football championship and can accommodate up to 60,000 people.

Brazil – The health secretariats of the state governments of Brazil have indicated that the South American giant is approaching 154,000 coronavirus deaths, while the average deaths have dropped by 30%. As of yesterday, 153,885 Covid-19 victims have been recorded, including 195 reported in the past 24 hours. The moving average of deaths (i.e. the average of deaths over the past 7 days) was 483, down 27% from the 14-day average, becoming the lowest since May 7. The richest and most populous country in Latin America has meanwhile had another 8,874 infections until last night, accumulating a total of 5,232,541 cases since the end of February, when the first positive was reported in Sao Paulo. In São Paulo, the state where the pandemic has hit the hardest, 38,020 deaths and 1,063,502 infections have so far been recorded. The moving average of deaths in São Paulo dropped by 28% (110 victims up to Saturday against 155 in the previous measurement).

Iran – Iran has recorded the record of daily Covid-19 victims with 337 confirmed deaths in the last 24 hours. The milestone represents a significant spike from the previous record of 279 deaths in one day. The Ministry of Health reported that there were 4,251 new infections, for a total of 534,630 since the start of the pandemic.

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