Coronavirus: the new medical part of Julián Weich

The conductor and entertainer Julián soft, 55, who was diagnosed with Covid-19 last Wednesday, July 7, and was admitted of his own accord to the Argentine Institute of Diagnosis and Treatment (IADT) to control his condition more closely, since his fever did not go down , continues with a “moderate” Covid chart, according to the last part of his personal physician Mario Fitz Maurice.

“He tested positive, as everyone knows. It had a somewhat torpid evolution because the fever persisted on the fourth day. Already when on the seventh day it does not descend, the alarms go off. I spoke with him and told him that I would like to perform a chest tomography, precisely because of his persistent fever, “recalled the doctor, in the cycle that Weich and Maby Wells host on radio La Uno 103.1 FM.

If we continue like this, with a little faith and hope in medical treatment, in four or five days Juli can be home, or we will probably have to give him another medication and see how it evolves. At the moment he has been responding well, “he added in dialogue in the cycle” Again Together. “

Likewise, it continues with oxygen requirements. They increased a bit, but he responds very well, in a common room, where he can strike up a conversation without being short of breath.

In turn, Fitz Maurice celebrated that he had no record of fever. “It is a fact that makes us good to know that we are on the right path, because one of the things that determined his hospitalization. I think we are stable, we have to wait 48 hours to really be sure that the increase in oxygen did him good, that the biochemical parameters are decreasing thanks to the treatment. But that takes time and patience. You have to give the body time to defend itself. It is a difficult disease and with a very important patient variability ”, he said. “Julián is very strong, he is stable, conscious,” he added.

Last Thursday, after spending the first night in the hospital, it was revealed that Weich was in a delicate state.

Last Wednesday, the neighbors of the also driver of El Nueve had denounced him for “breaking the quarantine”, when in fact he was going to be admitted to the Recoleta medical center.

Meanwhile, in the cycle of La Uno, FM 103.1 (Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.), driving will continue with Maby Wells and, on the other hand, José María Muscari will continue to replace him in the cycle that drives on weekends from 20, along with Carolina Papaleo, for El Nueve, called “Vivo Para Vos”.

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