The health protocol to fight against the coronavirus is changing timidly. Tuesday July 28, the Ministry of Sports announced the maintenance of a maximum level of 5,000 people in the stadiums until the end of August. The prefects may, however, grant exemptions to accommodate more spectators if the health situation allows. These prefectural authorizations “will be given according to the seating capacity of the sports enclosure, after analysis of the general and local health situation, subject to rigorous implementation of health reception and access protocols. of the public so as to prevent the risk of the virus spreading, ”said Roxana Maracineanu’s cabinet.

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Since July 11 and the end of the state of health emergency in metropolitan France, sporting events can once again welcome the public up to a limit of 5,000 people. The final of the Coupe de France between PSG and Saint-Étienne took place on Friday in front of 2,800 spectators. Professional clubs hoped for a new positive development, essential for their economy, but “the increase in the circulation of the coronavirus on the territory” brought the government, at the end of the security and defense council which was held on Friday , to maintain the gauge.

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The short-term visibility of these clubs is now in the hands of the prefects, who will have the power to authorize “several matches of the same sports club, organized in the same stadium, to be held in the presence of more than 5,000 spectators. , with conditions of reception of the public ”validated in advance. As a minimum, the following barrier measures will apply: spectators must all be seated, wear a mask, and a distance seat must be respected between the groups which must have a maximum of 10 people.